Meeting John Edward: A Dream Come True

A few weeks ago Steve said, “What would you most enjoy doing right now?”  I thought about it and I said, “I would catch up on the web consulting work I have to do.”  And he said, “No, I said what would most enjoy doing?  Really, if you could snap your fingers and be doing something that you would really enjoy, what would it be?”  After a few minutes I realized what my answer was, so I said, “I want to be sitting in a room with John Edward or John Holland (both mediums) and ask them about how they do their work so I can increase my ability to channel the deceased to be of more service to the people I do readings for.”  That vision really got me excited but the chances of that were awfully slim to say the least!

But you all know how the universe works.

A week later, I went to the John Edward website and clicked on Events.  As “luck” would have it, he was going to be in Las Vegas doing a seminar.  Wow.  I wondered if I could get a press pass to cover the event and report about it on Steve’s blog or my own.  So I sent his “people” an email letting them know about Steve and my work and asking for a press pass for the event.  After a week I got no response.  Suddenly I realized what a dolt I was being.  John Edward doesn’t get to Vegas very often, believe me, and to let this opportunity pass without seeing him was simply not going to happen to me.  I bought a ticket to the Thursday, July 13 show for $175. 

On Wednesday, July 12, I got sick with an illness that one of my children brought home from school.  I had a long talk with the angels, specifically Raphael, and prayed to please be well enough to attend the show the next day.  To improve my chances of getting well I decided I would need to totally rest on Thursday to be well enough to get to the show Thursday night, so I cancelled all my commitments for that day. 

On Wednesday night I went to sleep praying I would make it to the John Edward show at all.  And in my fevered state, I had a dream…

I dreamed that I went to the John Edward show and decided to sit in the middle section near the back.  In the dream, John Edward came out on stage and started his readings with that very section!  I saw John’s deceased father standing behind him on stage, very proud as if to say, “That’s MY boy.”  During a break in the show, someone brought John Edward a Diet Coke.  I took note of that.  And then in the dream, John asked people if they had any questions.  I was selected to ask a question, but someone asked a question before me.  In the dream I was planning to ask John how he shuts himself off after doing readings all night, but another dream character asked that exact question right before me.  So when John turned to me to ask a question I couldn’t think of another one.  I told him I was going to ask that exact same question and he said, “I hope you have a backup question then.”  In the dream, I did not, and missed my opportunity to ask him anything.  I woke up.

Okay now it’s Thursday.  I’m feeling a little better but not tip top.  I did everything you can possibly think of to get myself well including taking a long nap.  Before I went to the show I told all of my deceased relatives to go get in line on the other side so they could come through.  But I added, “if it’s for the highest good of all,” because I didn’t want to take a reading from someone who needed it more than me.  But I did ask my guides for a sign to validate everything that’s happening to me and left it at that. 

I waited in line for one hour with other enthusiasts biting my tongue when people around me said, “I wish I knew a medium I could get a reading from.”  I didn’t want to make it known that I was a psychic because I didn’t think that was too cool to be proselytizing for business, plus I’m still working on my mediumship skills.  I’m no John Edward to be sure!  But it was fun hearing people talk and just being a fellow fan.

Next, we went inside.  I was one of the first 50 people to go in so I could have basically chosen where I wanted to sit.  The back middle called to me, but I went against my gut and sat in the third row, on the end, so I could see him more clearly.  I was pretty sure he would not be reading for me since I don’t really “need” to connect with my deceased relatives.  I can already do that on my own, and I knew there would be hundreds of other people there who really needed that connection and validation that their loved ones on the other side were okay.

The show began and I have to say I was thrilled to be sitting that close to John Edward.  I imagined myself on stage (and got a wee bit terrified) and realized how important it is to keep going to Toastmasters. 😉  As my dream seemed to prophesy, he went right to the back middle section and started his readings.  By the time a half hour had passed, he’d read for everyone in that section.  There’s a good chance I would have been one of them, but again, I really didn’t feel I needed the validation as much as others there clearly did.  But that was the first part of my dream that came true.

John was amazing.  There’s just no other word to describe him.  He did a fantastic job validating details for these families and I’m certain he brought comfort to people who have lost their loved ones.  He’s also really funny, which is important to the other 500 people who aren’t getting a reading.

After a break he asked if anyone had any general questions to ask him.  My hand didn’t go up fast enough and he selected three people to ask him questions.  Ah well.  Still enjoying myself.  At the end of the night, after doing 2.5 hours worth of readings, he again asked if there were any questions.  I immediately raised my hand, intending to ask him the very question from my dream.  He picked three people (I was #2) and we were each given a microphone.  The staff person told me to stand up while #1 was asking her question so that John would know where I was.  Before anyone asked a question, a staff person brought John a Diet Pepsi.  Hmm.  That triggered the memory from my dream of him getting a Diet Coke.  Pretty close.  So the first woman asks her question: “John, what do you do at the end of a show to close down your connection?”  WHAT?!?!?!  Oh my God!! That was my question!  My dream was coming true and I knew what was coming next.

I was standing there like a deer caught in the headlights.  I knew I had less than a minute to think of a new question because I didn’t want to lose my opportunity to ask a question and connect with him even for that brief moment.  But all I could think of was that my dream was coming true.  I was panicking.  I was drawing a complete blank.  And then John finished answering the question (I didn’t even hear his answer as the blood was pounding in my head from shock and panic), and he turned to me.

I said the first thing that came to mind.  Here is what I rambled:  “Okay, this is kind of trippy.  I was going to ask you the exact same question she asked you. But what’s really weird is that last night I had a dream that I came to the show and was selected to ask you a question and a woman asked my same question before I could.”  So the audience is now laughing and I went on and said, “And then you said…” and before I could tell him what he said in the dream, he said it in real life!!  He said to me, “Well I hope you have a back up question…” and I was saying the same thing as he said it, “I hope you have a back up question.”  To which the audience really reacted because now my dream was coming true in front of 500 people.  Then I said, “I don’t have a back up question and I didn’t in the dream either.”  Now people are really laughing.  So I said, “But my question was basically, do you have a process that you go through after doing a seminar to shut down your connection to the other side.”  So he went through a more detailed explanation of what he does after a show, which is to do a meditation as soon as his head hits the pillow.  He said he can’t go to sleep until he’s shut it all off (something I’ve been working on as well.)

So after he tells me this (I’m still standing with the microphone) he turns to me and says congenially, “So what else happened in the dream?”  And I told him about the Diet Coke and about his father being behind him and he confirmed that his dad was with him during the readings.  And then he says something like, “So you had like a total premonition of what was going to happen tonight. You’re probably very psychic.  You should develop your abilities and do this professionally.”  To which the audience laughed.  I just smiled and sat myself down.  I could hear one of my spirit guides laughing in my ear as she said, “There’s your validation.  Happy now?”  Indeed I was. 🙂

It’s been a while since I had a dream that came true like that.  Although I would have loved the opportunity to sit down with John one on one and ask him questions about his process, I was still elated to have been able to see him work in person.  I have no doubt that sometime in the future I will get my opportunity.  The timing is not quite right just yet.

But it just goes to show you, dreams really can come true. 🙂

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