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Why I Never Watch the News

When I was a child I remember my parents watching this show on television that seemed really boring.  The people on the show would just sit there and talk, back and forth.  It wasn’t even animated!  When I tried to get my parents attention while they watched this show, they would shush me.  I was very concerned that when I grew up I would somehow be turned into this zombie who sat in front of the tv watching grown ups just talk.  What a horrible fate!  I found out later this abominable program was called “the News.”  I never watched it.

Once I got to high school, I realized what this show was all about.  Journalists and reporters would find out what was going on in the world and report it on television or in the newspaper.  Apparently, to be a responsible adult in our society, you had to know the latest news, weather, and sports.  So I watched the news upon occasion to find out what was going on in the world.  I figured the world must be in a pretty sad state since 95% of the news reported seemed really bad, and very dramatic I might add.  People were getting murdered, countries were at war, children were drowning in backyard swimming pools, celebrities were being arrested, there were hurricanes all over the place, and some sports team I’d never heard of won a cup or a ribbon or something else that seemed terribly important.

After college I really began to notice some things.  For one, I noticed that the reporters would talk about some new miracle drug on the market and then they would cut to a commercial and that same company would be … oh shock of shocks… advertising that very drug.  Hmm, weird coincidence.  Um, isn’t that drug company essentially paying those reporters’ salaries?  I noticed that the headlines they used to get you to watch the news were just a wee bit exaggerated and usually kind of scary (“what you don’t know about eating at fast food restaurants that could kill you!  News at 11.”)  How could I not tune in?  My very life was on the line!  Sometimes the news would cut into another program with “breaking news.”  It was never good.  Someone important was usually dead, or there was a hostage situation somewhere that we simply had to watch, or the police were chasing a vehicle down a crowded highway.

I remember wondering why they never reported the good news.  And one channel actually did!  I remember it was ABC, and the show was called “And the good news is…” and they spent 30 minutes from 11pm to 11:30pm talking about all the wonderful things going on in America.  But no one watched it and it was cancelled shortly after it began.  And that really got me wondering… Why do people watch the news?  To see how bad other people’s lives are going?  To be the first to know if Brad and Angelina had their baby?  To find out what country we’re invading?  To see dead bodies burning in a ditch?

It took me until my 30’s to realize something about the news.  It’s all fear-based.  If someone isn’t dying or crying we don’t want to know about it.  What does that say about us as a society?  When people tune into the news and all they see is death and destruction they start to become a vibrational match for that; they start to expect it.  They go around saying or thinking, “Our world is in such a bad state.  People are dying all over the planet.  Our environment is going to hell in a handbasket.  People are invading countries and killing women and children.  When is Brad going to dump Angelina and go to back to Jennifer?  And gosh darnit, my favorites sports team lost again!  What is the world coming to?!”

When you watch the news you are accepting that version of reality.  And it’s not always reality!  Sometimes a reporter risks being fired if they tell the truth because it might shed a bad light on one of their company’s biggest advertisers.  I remember a case in Florida where two reporters were fired for refusing to water down an investigative report on Monsanto’s controversial milk hormone, rGBH.  What do you think happens to the truthfulness in news when big, powerful companies are the ones paying everyone’s salaries?  That’s kind of like having the people that approve vaccines also holding stock in the vaccine companies.  Couldn’t happen here, right?  Oh no, not in America.

On a spiritual level, when you accept what you see on the news as reality then you are sending out a vibration to the Universe to bring more of it.  Instead of being anti-war, we need to be pro-peace.  Instead of a War on Terror, we need to work on being a Peaceful Nation.  When do we ever hear news anchors tell us how close we are to achieving World Peace?  “98% of the world is at peace today, folks.  Let’s hear it for them!  We’re almost there, everyone!  Keep up the great work!”

When you watch the news with all its propaganda, spin doctors, and edited footage you are being brain-washed into accepting that our world is in a state that it is not in!

Yes, we need to know what’s happening in the world.  We need to know if people need help.  We need to know if a level 5 hurricane is coming.  We need to know if we are being bombed.  But the way the news is today, it’s more about selling newspapers and being the number one news show on television than about letting people know the true state of our world.  It’s all about money.

Don’t give all the hype all of your power and attention.  Don’t reinforce to the Universe that we are living in a time of war, famine, murder, and disease.  You get what you think about (or are told to think about).  Let the Universe know that there are people on this planet who are loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful.  Keep your thoughts loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful so we get more of that.

Don’t walk around in a state of fear generated by outside sources who may not even be telling us the full story.  Let your mind see the beauty in our world, the love, the justice, the everyday man or woman helping out their neighbor.  Let those thoughts and experiences fill you with hope.  Reflect those experiences back to the Universe and more of them will come.

Free your mind.

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