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Can you give psychic readings to your family and friends without bias?

Question: How do you approach readings for people you are close to, such as friends or family members? Does what you intellectually know about someone create “psychic noise” that interferes with your intuition?

Answer: When I get ready to do a reading I do a meditation to open my chakras, then I connect with my higher self and guides, and then I do another meditation to reach the higher realms, where I then ask to be connected to the angels, higher self, and guides of the person I am reading for.  By the time I reach this state, I’ve left my ego far behind and am using my psychic abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance.  In this way, I can give an accurate and unbiased reading for friends and family even if I know something about their situation.

In fact, I practiced on my family and friends in the beginning, which is how I learned to use my abilities.

I do readings for Steve often.  Recently he came to me and asked me for a read on two deals he was considering.  The information that came through about each deal was definitely not from me, because I would have given him completely different advice.  He and I both felt the advice he got from Spirit seemed wise.  As it turned out, the readings we got on both deals turned out to be correct. 

I consider it a blessing to be able to read for family and friends.  Just like you might utilize the services of a mechanic or doctor who was a member of your family, my family and friends know they can come to me with a question or concern and get advice from their guides.  

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