How Can Psychics Reach Deceased Relatives Who Have Reincarnated?

Question: If people reincarnate, then how come psychics can still contact them on the “other side?”  How come they always say that so-and-so is doing fine?  Wouldn’t some of them be unreachable if reincarnation exists?

Answer: That’s a great question.  I can’t say with certainty that I know the answer, but let me explore some possibilities with you and we’ll see what makes the most sense.

I’ve heard and read that people don’t reincarnate that quickly.  After you leave one life, there is a review period where you go over your previous life and see how you did and if you fulfilled your mission for that incarnation.  Before you incarnate again you need to determine what you want to learn, arrange to have parents and a family that will facilitate that, and arrange some key events in your life.  It’s not easy.  Many people and situations need to come into alignment for all of that to happen.  Plus you need to coordinate with other souls so that you can have experiences together.  So one possible explanation for why psychics are able to get in touch with deceased relatives is because they are still there and not ready to incarnate yet.  I’ve heard other people say it can take nearly 100 of our years to work out the next incarnation.

Another explanation for why psychics can “always” seem to connect with deceased relatives is that perhaps there is an energy signature that stays in the ether even if the person’s soul has incarnated again.  Your higher self is still in the ether even when you are incarnated.  So when a psychic is searching for “Uncle Bill” maybe the psychic is connecting with the higher self of Uncle Bill even if Uncle Bill is now a baby girl in Asia.  Perhaps the higher self presents to the psychic as Uncle Bill so the sitter will recognize him.

Also, I wouldn’t say psychics always connect with the deceased.  I think that’s an assumption that may not be true.  I don’t have enough experience yet to address this myself, but I remember John Edward and other mediums saying that they can’t just bring through any deceased person you want them to.  As John Holland says, “I can’t just call 1-800-dial-your-daddy.”  When he connects with your energy he sees who comes through and will talk about them.  He told us at the seminar I attended that sometimes the person you want to hear from just doesn’t come through.  He didn’t say why though.

And lastly, time doesn’t really exist.  If we want to go the quantum physics route, I would have to say that all of our incarnations happen at the same time.  So I guess we can be a baby girl in Asia in 2026 and a cowboy in the wild west in 1855.

I’m sure there are things we just can’t understand from our 3rd dimensional perspective.  So when I get information from anyone I simply ask myself if it resonates or not.  If you get information from a psychic that truly helps you, does it really matter whether it came from Uncle Bill or a random spirit or the psychic doing the reading?

Just remember, “there is no spoon…” so it doesn’t really matter whether we’re going to use that spoon to eat Honey Nut Cheerios or Grape Nuts as long as we get fed, right? 😉

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