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Fear-Based Guides

Something unusual and unexpected occured during a reading I did about a month ago.  I’d like to tell you what happened and share with you what my own guides told me about the experience, just in case some of you are experiencing this.

When I tune in to do a reading I always ask to speak with a person’s higher self and guides.  Well, when I tuned in on this sitter, I got the metaphorical image that I normally get and I explained it to him.  We went over it and he understood everything I was talking about and how it pertained to his life.  Then we moved on to the question and answer portion of the reading.  He asked me something about his life purpose, and some other issues plaguing him.  I discovered that he was heavily involved with his own ego, not in a narcissistic way (though there was some of that too), but in the way you get when you are living life based on a control and fear strategy instead of a love and faith strategy.

You know you’re living in your ego when thoughts like the following run through your head:

  • How can I make sure John doesn’t get that promotion and that I do?
  • How can I avoid paying child support and still get away with it?
  • I need to tell my wife that it’s my way or the highway.
  • Why am I always getting shafted, I deserve better!
  • No one realizes how important I am.
  • I’m ashamed of my race.
  • I always get taken advantage of.  People really suck.
  • … and so on

So, I mentioned to him that he was living in his ego and I explained to him what I meant.  He seemed to understand.  Then he asked me a really brave question, “What do I need to do to change?  I don’t want to live my life in the ego because it’s really wrecked my life up to this point.”  I was hopeful.  I tuned back in to get the answer and this is when the strange thing happened.

When I tune in I can see like a movie or images playing out on my mental screen.  In this case, when he asked his question and I tuned in, I saw a dark, shadowy figure actually coming at me, as if I was the camera.  The figure put his hands up as though to block me from seeing.  It was trippy.  There was power and energy coming from him and he basically said to me, “Don’t answer that!  I won’t let you help him find his way back to love.”  I was shocked.  Who or what was this thing?  Was this some sort of metaphor?  But I realized it had consciousness. I wasn’t just seeing an image, I was connecting with some sort of entity.

And it sort of hit me that this shadowy, dark creature was trying to block the reading.  I told my sitter that I had encountered something unusual and asked him to wait while I tried to figure it out.  I called in all kinds of love, light, and my own spirit guides to help me, and they did but it was like they were coming to me from a faint, faraway place.  They did manage to give me the answer he needed.  I conveyed it to him and we discussed it.  The reading was nearly over by this point and I wrapped it up.  I told him about the figure I had seen and told him that I thought it was a manifestation of his ego actually trying to block him from moving away from fear.  We talked about how he may have ended up living a fear-based life (based on a tragedy in his early life), and I talked to him about how to live a more love and faith based life.  I’m not sure he got it, but I was at least glad I got the chance to help him. 

Later I decided to have a conversation with my own guides about what I experienced since that had never happened to me before.  My guides told me that when a person turns away from a life of love and faith, then the guides assigned to them change!  Whoa.  Big news to me.  They told me that when someone is living a fear-based life, they end up with fear-based guides.  It’s like the proverbial angel and devil on your shoulder.  If you listen to the angel, the devil’s voice eventually subsides.  But if you listen to the devil (and I’m talking the ego here, not Satan), then eventually the angel voice subsides.  If the ego becomes strong enough, it can flick that angel right off your shoulder and you never even realize that the only counsel you’re getting is from the devil side.  Once established, you can be sure that devil isn’t going to give up control too easily.

Most of us have spirit guides that were assigned to us in love and faith.  I believe there are some souls who incarnate and consciously decide to be fear-based, but I think the majority of people want to stay in the light.  It was a big shock to me that people can lose the guides they were born with and end up with fear-based guides instead.  I can see how easy it would be, under those circumstances, to slip into lower vibrational behaviors such as addiction, murderous rage, narcissism, and the like.

It makes sense though, doesn’t it?  Have you ever known someone who slipped away to the dark side?  Someone who started listening to the “devil on his shoulder?” 

How do you bring someone back from the dark side?  That’s going to be a post for a different time, but what’s important for us to realize right now is that we always have that choice.  Light or dark.  Faith or fear.  Love or anger.  What’s sitting on your shoulder right now?  Who or what is guiding you?

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