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Fear-Based Guides Part II

I want to clarify and add some information to the post I made yesterday about Fear-Based Guides.  I received a lot of emails about it and there were some comments made that I want to address.

If you commit evil acts, do you automatically lose your spirit guides and get fear-based ones?

No. Just because you commit a few “evil” acts doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your guides.  If that was the case, we’d all have fear-based guides.  😉  It’s when you close yourself off to living a life of faith and love that your guides’ voices start to become harder to hear and the voices of fear-based guides become more dominant.

What has to happen in order for your guides to abandon you and get fear-based guides?

You have to decide that you’re going to live a life ruled by your ego and ignore your higher self.  It’s not that your guides one day say, “Well, we lost her.  It’s time to pack up boys and get out of here and make way for the Ego Guides.”  What happens is that your guides stay with you but their voices and your intuition become almost impossible to hear.

Where do the Ego Guides come from?

The way I understand it, these are beings who use fear and control energy to evolve.  Just as our guides evolve using love and faith and then are assigned to other humans who need guides, so these Ego Guides evolve using fear and control energy and then become available to guide others who want to use that strategy to evolve.

What is this fear and control strategy?

Apparently there are two methods to ascension that are available to us.  The faith/love strategy, and the control/fear strategy.  I want to stress that both are equally valid strategies to achieve evolution of your soul.  As humans we have free will.  We can decide to live our lives based on the fear/control model or the faith/love model.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  I don’t feel right judging people who choose a control/fear strategy.  It’s just not for me.  I believe Steve will eventually be discussing more about this so I’m going to leave it at this for now.

Maybe the dark entity you encountered in your reading was just someone from that person’s life.

Nope.  Believe me, I know the difference between a metaphorical image and a conscious entity trying to block me from helping this guy choose the faith/love strategy.  He was quite adamant that I get gone. 😉

How can I know if I can trust my guides?  What if I have fear-based guides and don’t know it?

To even ask that question tells me you probably have nothing to fear.  People with fear-based guides get information telling them how to protect themselves and their egos even at the expense of others.  If you feel compassion, kindness, and empathy, you have the faith and love based guides.  If you are greedy, selfish, mean, cruel, etc., then you might have fear-based guides.

How can we help people who have adopted a fear/control strategy of evolving?

Well that presupposes that they need our help in the first place.  Remember, free will and all.  However, I do believe many people who intended on evolving using a faith/love strategy sometimes get derailed from that path due to overwhelming fear.  I believe that’s what happened with the person I was doing the reading with.  But once I explained to him what happened and we identified the point in time when the shift took place, he was able to see how he could get back to living a life of faith and love.  Just not sure he will actually do it.  Giving up the fear/control strategy takes a lot of courage and, well, faith.  Plus he’s been living a life of fear/control for years now, so to adopt a whole new strategy might be too difficult for him.

What about angels?  If we lose our guides do we lose the angels too?

You never lose the angels.  Never.  They are always there to help you and bring you back to love.  And remember, you don’t lose your guides.  Let me clarify.  Some of the guides in your life right now came to you to help you with specific things, like becoming a better artist or helping you train for a marathon.  Those are the guides you lose when you are no longer a vibrational match for their help.  But your guardians, the ones assigned to you from birth, they stay with you.  It’s part of the spiritual contract you made before you incarnated.  It’s just that they become less able to get messages to you because you turn off the flow of their counsel.

You said in your first article that people can lose the guides they were born with.  But now you’re saying we can’t.  Can you explain?

What I meant to say was that we can lose the ability to hear the guides we were born with.  I believe they are always there if we choose to return.  But some people never choose that option.

What should we do if we suspect we have Ego Guides as you call them?

If you don’t want them, send them packing!  Start listening to your heart and your intuition.  Allow your life to unfold the way it needs to, not just the way you want it to.  Stop using a control strategy on people and things to get what you want, and allow the universe to bring you the experiences it knows you need.  Adopting a faith/love strategy to personal evolution means that you allow the universe, in its infinite wisdom, to bring you the experiences you need to have in order to grow.  Adopting a control/fear strategy to personal evolution means that you use your will to force events to happen the way you want.  You would seek to avoid pain at all costs, and benefit personally as much as possible.  Helping others would take a back seat to helping yourself. 

What should we do if we find ourselves in relationships with people we suspect have fear-based guides?

Pray. 😉  But seriously, first accept that they have the right to adopt that strategy.  But you can try to help them see the light and the benefits of allowing the universe to work its magic.  Show them the benefits of compassion, empathy, harmony, justice, service to others, etc.  And then make a choice for yourself as to whether or not you want to stay in that relationship.

In summary, don’t panic.  Just because you found money on the ground and kept it or you swiped your husband’s leftover pizza, doesn’t mean you’re trucking with the Ego Guides.  There’s a little bit of mischief and self-preservation in us all. 

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