Do Guides Have Names?

Question: Do guides have names?  If we have several guides, how do we distinguish them from each other? Do they have distinct traits that let you tell them apart?

Answer:  I think there’s some confusion in the industry about this question, so I’m going to give you my personal answer on this but this is just from my own experience.

When I am tuned in to do a reading, I encounter a collective energy made up of the person’s higher self, spirit guides, angels, celestial beings, ascended masters, and deceased relatives.  I ask it/them questions, and I get answers.  If I ask politely, though, one or more guides will separate their energies from the collective and present to me more like individuals.  In those cases, I can find out what that particular energy is (guide, angel, deceased loved one, etc.) and sometimes get a name, and also find out their particular purpose in the person’s life.

Let’s talk about names for a second.  Do spirits have names?  I don’t really think so.  But they do have identities.  And they know we like to use names to identify down here, so I think they oblige by handing us a name we can use to call upon their energy.  But once you get to the other side, I don’t think names matter that much.  It’s all about your particular, unique energy signature.

Now, a deceased relative will always present the way they looked when they lived, so that the medium can identify them to their client.  It can take a while for a deceased person to get the hang of just being their energy and losing their connection to their previous ego.  We shed the ego when we die, and only our souls, consciousness, and energy ascend.  But they can still present as their old self so we know who we’re talking to.  In the case of a deceased relative, a name is appropriate.

If you’re speaking to a specific, well known angel, you’ll get a name as well.  Archangel Michael is one of my guides and guides millions of other people as well.  He has a pretty strong presence and I know when he’s around.  And the ascended masters like Jesus will present clearly as Jesus.  Boy you don’t mistake his particular energy for anyone else’s.  That’s something special.

Don’t get caught up on the names, however.  It’s just a way to identify energy.  Your guides do have signifying traits.  Some are ebullient, over-achievers who are really happy to be helping you out, others are calm, sedate and philosophical.  Others could be solemn and wise.  Some are talkers and some are thinkers.  You’ll get to know their specific energies.

I’ve got one guide who is this really no-nonsense, don’t have time to chat, guide with a pretty important role in my life.  She is extremely competent but isn’t very chatty.  And then I’ve got another guide who is bouncy and bright and is really excited to be working with me.  And I’ve got others who are more wise and philosophical too.  You get all kinds out there. 😉 

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