Sedona and Vortexes

Last weekend Steve and I took an amazing trip to Sedona, Arizona.  It was our first time.  When I told my friends where we were headed every single one of them told me we were going to have an amazing experience and a wonderful time.  If they only knew how right they were.

We decided to go to Sedona on the advice of my guides.  Yes, apparently my guides are travel agents in their spare time.  They also told us to go to Laguna Beach, California, which we did a few months ago.  My parents came to stay with our kids, and we were off on a bright, sunny, Friday morning, just the two of us; ah the peace and quiet coming from the back seat. 😉

As soon as we entered Arizona we were both surprised to discover how beautiful it is.  Trees and creeks and meadows abounded on our drive.  I had expected the terrain to be arid desert, much like Las Vegas.  Who knew?  My excitement increased with every mile.

When I was making our hotel arrangements I really didn’t have a preference as to where we stayed, until I found the Amara Creekside Resort.  There was a huge synchronicity to us staying there.  In their courtyard area there is a statue of two hands with their fingers touching, one from above and one from below.  That is the exact pose I use to describe my connection to deceased spirits.  I couldn’t believe there was a statue of it on the property.  Talk about following the signs.  We made reservations there immediately.

Amara Creekside Resort

Sedona has 7 main vortexes (they don’t call them vortices, they actually call them vortexes, so please no emails).  I’m not a big fan of hiking, so I asked my friends to recommend vortexes that were easy to get to, and also to recommend the masculine energy vortexes since I wanted to get a message from “out there” instead of inside myself.  Sedona was breathtaking, with clean, crisp air, beautiful mountains and rocks, and the whole town had an artsy, new age feel to it.  I was in my element!

Saturday morning we headed to our first vortex at the Airport.  It’s not much of an airport so there wasn’t much noise to disturb us.  We hiked a little until we found a nice spot right in the vortex, set down our towel, and took up a pose.  Almost from the moment I sat down I started hearing a celestial energy talking to me.  I had to tell Steve to shush as the information was coming so fast and I didn’t want to miss it.  I was told about a past life I’d had as a Native American woman.  I don’t feel like sharing the details just yet since I still need to process the emotions that came with it, but there was tragedy, and it helped explain something to me that I’d been curious about for years.  I felt truly grateful to whoever sent me that information because it unraveled a knot in my current life.  Steve connected with a celestial energy as well and got some information related to his business.  We both left there feeling just a little different.

That night we both had amazing dreams.  It was like a fog had lifted inside us and our dreams were just crystal clear and crisp like the Sedona air.

The next day we hiked up to the Boynton Canyon vortex.  I have to admit that I didn’t really want to go to this one since it involved hiking up really high and climbing on a lot of loose rock, so I whined a little but eventually got there. 🙂  We found a nice cozy spot right in the vortex and away from everyone else.  Steve got some great information there too.  It was a masculine/feminine vortex.  I felt like I got a chiropractic chakra adjustment.  But I didn’t hear anyone talking to me.  We built a cairn (everyone else does this) and hiked back down.  On a whim, we decided to go to another vortex.  Again, Steve got way more information there than I did.  Mostly I just got hungry. 😉

Luckily for us, there was a vegan restaurant in town as well as a raw cafe, plus a natural food store with a deli.  So we were pretty happily fed the entire trip.  If you’re going, I highly recommend all three places:  D’Lish, The Raw Cafe, and the New Frontiers Market.

We did a lot of shopping.  Steve bought a lot of Native American items, and I mostly bought things that sparkled.  What can I say?  I love my crystals.  I spent a lot of time browsing the new age shops.  Steve took a Native American jeep tour with a native guide and just had a gay old time.  I took the opportunity to chat with the local psychics and new age store employees.

On our last morning Steve took one last trip to Cathedral Rock.  I’m sorry I missed it because apparently it was pretty spectacular.  Next time…

We really didn’t want to leave Sedona.  It was gorgeous.  There was definitely something going on in those vortexes.  Our dreams each night were even more lucid than usual.  We’re anxious to go back.  There are three more vortexes to experience.  Anyone up for a field trip? 🙂

Has anyone else been to Sedona and, if so, what were your experiences like?

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