Interpreting Synchronicities from Spirit

In my previous blog entry, Signs From the Spirits, I discussed how deceased individuals will try to let you know they’re okay by sending you signs from beyond.  But sometimes you get signs and synchronicities and you don’t know what it means.  This happened to me recently and I want to share what I went through trying to track down the meaning of a reccuring synchronicity.

I put out the intention that I wanted to get better at communicating with the spirit world so I could serve my clients even better.  I wrote down my intention, discussed it with my mastermind group, and expected to see the alpha reflection (the first sign from the universe that a request has been received.)  Initially, I put out the intention that I would find someone who could train me, but my mastermind group felt that I wouldn’t necessarily need someone else’s training and that I should be open to just trusting my own guides and my own abilities and that I would eventually learn how to connect the way I wanted to.  I wasn’t really happy with that because, frankly, I figured if I learned from someone who was already an accomplished medium that it would help me faster.

Shortly after setting out the intention to get better at connecting with the deceased, I started seeing recurring instances of 444.  On the clock, on billboards, license plates, phone numbers, etc.  The number combination 444 just kept coming up.  I knew it was a sign and I knew it was related to my intention to connect better, but I didn’t know exactly how to interpret it.

So I started trying to figure it out logically.  I had learned from Doreen Virtue at the I Can Do It Seminar last May that 444 referred to angels and angel connections.  So I thought, “Hmm, maybe I’m supposed to hook up with Doreen and learn mediumship from her.”  But I remembered that she’s not really a medium, so at first I thought that wasn’t right.  But I went on to her website and discovered to my delight that she actually does teach a mediumship workshop that’s one week long!  Score!  Sign interpreted.  Right?  Uh, not quite.

In order to join her medium workshop she requires that you become a certified angel therapy practitioner.  Oh.  So I looked to see when that next workshop was and the next one was all sold out.  The next one after that was available next Spring.  The cost?  $1777.  Wow.  Expensive.  But… still… if I could graduate from that course then I would qualify to be in her medium workshop the next time she taught it.  So next I looked at what hotel arrangements would be.  $3,000 for the week.  Whoa.  Now it’s getting really expensive.  That’s almost $5000 to get a certification I didn’t really want, just so I could get into a class a year from now.  That didn’t seem right, but I really thought that’s what the spirits wanted me to do.  I kept seeing the 444 references and was getting frustrated.

Next I thought maybe there is another famous medium teaching a course that will cost less.  Sure enough, there were two.  John Holland and James Van Praagh both teach medium courses.  But I was blocked there too because both require a prerequisite workshop (expensive and far away), and neither one had a workshop coming up any time soon that I would qualify for.  Why was the universe blocking me when I was trying so hard to do what it wanted?!

So I brought my problem to Steve.  Here is roughly how that conversation went.

Me: I want to connect more often with deceased people and the universe keeps sending me the 444 sign.  I thought it meant I was supposed to go work with Doreen Virtue, but I’m being really blocked from making that happen.  Help me figure this out.

Steve:  Why do you think 444 refers to Doreen?

Me:  Because she’s the one who introduced me to those numbers at her seminar.

Steve:  Well what do the numbers mean, according to her?

Me:  Something about the angels being present, like they have a message for you when you see 444.

Steve:  Oh, okay.  Well then, maybe you just have a message from the angels that you need to pick up.  Here, let’s tune in and see.

Me:  Okay.

We tune in…

Steve:  Ah, I’ve got it.  When you do your meditation to connect with people for a reading, who do you call in to help you?

Erin:  I ask to speak to their higher selves and their spirit guides and any deceased spirits that want to come through.

Steve:  Do you ask for the angels’ help?

Erin:  Er, um.  No, actually I don’t.

Steve:  Well you might want to try that next time you do a reading and see what happens.

I decided this was sage advice.  The next time I did my meditation to prepare for a reading I included the angels in my request.  It was like a floodgate opened!  Not only did I get a better connection, I started connecting with deceased relatives way more often than I was before!  I also received a new meditation from my guides that would help me reach a much higher plane (it seems so obvious in hindsight).  My connection improved massively once I invited the angels to help me, and my mediumship skills have improved significantly.

I stopped seeing the 444 references once I interpreted the sign correctly, because they knew I’d received the message.  And my mastermind group was right.  I didn’t need someone else to train me.  My own guides and angels helped me establish a better connection, and I know with more practice that it’s only going to get better.

Thank you angels!!  And thank you Steve for helping me figure that out!

Are you receiving signs or getting synchronicities and you can’t figure out what they mean?  Don’t stop investigating.  If you’re being blocked using one interpretation, try changing your interpretation.  Don’t assume, like I did, that you know exactly what they’re trying to get across.  When you finally do figure it out, you’ll know it.  The synchronicities will stop.

Note: Signs from deceased relatives like pictures tipping over, or always smelling their perfume when you enter your house, or clocks stopping… those are indications that they’re just trying to connect with you and let you know they’re okay.  Those won’t stop when you figure it out, those will keep coming.  I’m referring to synchronicities where you keep seeing the same thing over and over or experiencing the same thing over and over and you know that something out there is trying to tell you something.

Does anyone else have a similar experience to share?  What was your synchronicity and how did you eventually figure out what it meant?

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