Placing Your Order with the Universe podcast

Today Steve has posted a new podcast I recorded called Placing Your Order with the Universe.  It’s a parable I’ve created to explain the Law of Attraction as I understand it, in a manner that might make it easier for you to understand if you’re having any trouble.

It took me a good 4 exposures to the Law of Attraction before I finally got it.  The movie, The Secret, is really what tipped me over the edge.  Plus, watching Steve putting his intention-manifestation model of reality to the test over and over again helped too.

You don’t need any special devices or equipment to listen to the podcast.  You can listen to it right through your computer speakers.  Go to Steve’s list of podcasts and use the little blue button on the list of podcasts to scroll down to the one you want to hear.  Then just click on the title of the podcast and it will start playing through your speakers immediately.


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