What is evil? Does evil truly exist?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the definition of evil that we’re using.  For the purposes of this entry, I’m going to define evil in two ways and comment on both.

Definition One

Evil refers to incorporeal beings who exist on other planes.  They vibrate at low frequencies, feed off of fear, and generally enjoy harrassing other beings they encounter.  They do not vibrate even close to a love energy, and are doomed to remain in this low vibration state for eternity.

Definition Two

Evil refers to corporeal human beings who have chosen to put their own selfish interests above those of others.  They may be greedy, self-centered, mean, spiteful, etc.  These people, when they pass away, will still eventually reconnect with Source and eventually achieve a state of love and harmony again.

Now, do either of these forms of evil truly exist?

I will present my opinion on both of these forms, but this is based only on my own personal experience.

I’ll start with the easy one: Definition Two.  Many human beings are vibrating at low frequencies.  They are in a state of shame, fear, anger, desire, pride, guilt, and/or depression.  At these lower frequencies they may commit acts such as murder, suicide, genocide, self-mutilation, control of others, robbery, assault, and other unkind acts.  I think people in these states can’t help commiting these acts, but until they can raise themselves to a higher level of consciousness, it’s the only way they know how to behave.  Their behavior stems directly from their level of consciousness.  I feel compassionately towards them, but I still hope they will ascend to a higher state of consciousness.  I wouldn’t call them evil, though I’m sure others might.  All of these people are projections of Source Consciousness.  Because of this, they deserve our understanding and help, because in the end it’s just us we are helping.  They need forgiveness as well, because when we forgive them, we forgive those aspects in ourselves.

Now let’s move on to the first definition of evil, the incorporeal energy beings who reside on different planes.  My experience with these beings has been extensive.  I don’t know where they come from, I don’t know exactly how they relate to and interact with the entire universe, but they do exist.  At least in my experience they do.  I’ve seen them, I’ve felt them, I’ve been hurt by them, and I’ve been terrified by them.  I have learned ways to avoid them, which involves vibrating my own energy outside of their range.  I have learned ways to dispel them, which involves flooding them with so much love energy that they just can’t take it.  And I’ve learned that some of them are pretty bad ass. 😉  But hey, I’m still here so I must be pretty bad ass myself. 🙂

What do we do about these beings?  My vote is to avoid them completely.  No need to truck with demons that I can think of.  They feed off of fear, so work on removing fear from your life.  They feed off of all of the lower levels of consciousness, and they’re attracted to people who vibrate at low frequencies.  Another good reason to raise your vibration.  They can only enter our plane if someone invites them, and that happens when you forget your connection to Source and you begin to fear.

Maybe these evil entities are just a manifestation of our own human fears, collected throughout the years and dumped into an ethereal landfill of fear.  In that case, we ought to go clean it up.  Maybe in time we will.

I try never to describe people as evil because that affirms that there is evil in myself, because what you dislike most in others is usually something you dislike in part of yourself.  That’s why my blog is about reminding people where they came from.  When you reconnect with Source, evil just melts away.

If you’re out traveling on the astral plane, just be careful, because you’re in their domain.  Go in with protection, angels, guides, and love and they won’t bother you.

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