Paranormal and Spiritual Book Recommendations

I am often asked to recommend good books on topics such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, spirits and guides, angels, meditation, psychic development, and more.  The problem is that I don’t have any.

Let me explain.  I grew up reading Lois Duncan books, like Stranger with My FaceDown a Dark Hall, and Daughters of Eve.  These books appealed to me because of the personal experiences I was having.  Later, I read the entire Christopher Pike collection of young adult books.  All fantastic!

When I did my science fair project back in junior high, I read 11 non-fiction books on the subject of dreams, dream intrepretation, and astral projection.  But I can’t really recommend any of those books since they were all written in the 1970’s.  I’m sure there are wonderful books out today that are more updated.

I read some of Robert Monroe’s books on astral projection but I didn’t have the same experiences he had so they were of little help to me.  In some cases, I just didn’t get what he was talking about.

So when people ask me for recommendations, I’m hard-pressed to come up with anything I’d really recommend.  I’m a big believer in personal experience, but I know it’s helpful to read about others’ experiences so you can get an idea of what’s even possible.

Lately, the authors over at Hay House are really floating my boat.  Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Gary Renard, and Esther Hicks are all wonderful authors who really seem to know what they’re talking about.  So there you have it, my official recommendations. 

Let’s throw Shirley Maclaine in here too.  I loved her “Out on a Limb” series.  I read those at a time when I was a seeker, just like she was.  Boy would I love to have lunch with her.  I first learned about channeling from those books.

Books are great to learn about what’s possible, but there’s no substitute for personal experience and pushing your own boundaries.  I’ve had experiences that I’ve never read about in a book.  Don’t let books limit you.  Explore.  The unknown is vast!  It’s fine to have a guide book now and then, but sometimes you’ve got to throw the book out the window and blaze your own trail.

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