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The Dead Path

I had an interesting experience back in the early 90’s while living with a roommate that has always made me wonder about its authenticity.  My grandmother was living in a retirement home and I was living in her house while my parents had the house up for sale so that I could keep the house in sellable condition.  I had a male roommate living with me at the time (not a boyfriend, just a friend).

One night I woke up in my bed in an astral state, separated from my body, and flew out into the living room.  Something was catching my attention.  There was an energy in the room that felt strange.  I floated there, just watching the living room, when all of a sudden I saw a young man phase out of the fireplace.  He looked maybe 18 years old and had a backpack on his back.  He didn’t seem to notice me at all, but I sensed right away that he was a spirit.  He rushed past me, as if he was on his way somewhere in particular.  When he got to the wall he moved right through it.  I had this feeling that maybe I should follow him.

I felt afraid but I was also so curious as to where he was off to in such a hurry and I didn’t want to miss my chance to find out.  I flew into his wake, and immediately wished I hadn’t!  I felt myself moved along on what I can only describe as astral currents.  I concentrated my attention on following him and was only 100 feet behind him as he ascended into the night sky.  There was this incredible sense of speed around me, and I kind of felt like Nemo’s dad when he was in the current with the turtles.  I was just being whooshed along for the ride.

Eventually we landed.  There was this beautiful place with white columns made of a marble-like material but they didn’t attach to anything at the top.  The floor was also this beautiful white marble.  The sky was a beautiful blue, not stars and space.  And there were hundreds of people here, just milling around, looking a little confused in all manner of dress and culture.  I felt a little more corporeal here than I expected to.  In other words, I felt more solid when I got there, not so astral anymore.

I wasn’t sure where I was and I couldn’t see the guy with the backpack anymore, so I went up to one of the people milling around and asked, “Where are we?  What is this place?”  The person replied, “I don’t know yet.  I just got here myself.”

I began to suspect that this was some sort of landing area for recently deceased people.  And I actually became very concerned that perhaps I’d accidently severed my silver cord when I flew into the dead guy’s path.  I wasn’t totally sure I could get back.  Thinking about a friend of mine who had died a few years earlier, I decided to see if I could find her.  I started asking all of the people if they knew her and everyone said no.  I determined that these souls probably wouldn’t know someone who died years earlier.

I decided to just start exploring everything so I could remember as much as possible when (and if) I got back.  I concentrated on raising my vibration, felt myself tingling again, and suddenly I was in a new place.  There were spirits here too and I asked them how to go about finding a particular spirit.  I was told that there were different levels and spirits were divided into levels based on how ascended they were.  They told me that unless I knew exactly where I was going I probably would just end up wandering around.

I decided to raise my vibration as high as I possibly could so that I could see what the “upper” levels looked like.  Next thing I know I am in this amazing place.  There were pools of water, separated in a grid fashion.  I leaned over to look at one of the pools of water and I saw people, on Earth, interacting with each other.  Wow.  I looked at another pool and saw the same thing.  It was like being able to watch what was happening on Earth from the ether (or whereever I was).  Then I wondered about my body and one of the pools shifted so that I was now viewing my body in my bed.  Trippy.  I wondered if it would show me anything I wanted to see.  I started thinking about all kinds of people and it showed me all of them.  I was distracted, playing with these pools, when I hear a woman’s voice say, “Hmm, you’re not supposed to be here.”  She sounded impressed, amused, and a little concerned.  I looked up quickly and saw she was wearing white and gold robes, with brown hair and a bemused expression on her face.  I felt like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.  Before I could say a single word, I felt myself being rushed back to my body.  Snap!!  I woke in bed, totally and utterly mystified.

If I had to guess what happened, I’d say I astrally followed a recently deceased spirit on his way back to the ether.  While there, I discovered that you got classified based on your level of ascension.  The female who sent me back I felt was a spirit guide, the caretaker of those pools.  I believe she and others like her used the pools to watch their charges.  Not sure how I knew that, but that’s the sense I got.

I wish I had gotten to spend more time there.  I also wish I had been able to find my friend.  It would have been nice to chat with her there.  I never had an experience like that again.  I think I got really lucky and sort of snuck my way into the ether/Heaven for a few minutes.  It was such an interesting experience.  I’ll never forget that young man with the backpack.  I’m grateful for the experience.

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