Forums Launched

Steve launched the Personal Development for Smart People forums yesterday.  It’s shaping up to be a wonderfully intelligent community for people interested in all aspects of personal development.  We’ve got about 30 moderators to keep things under control, and people are registering very quickly. 

We have an forum over there, and the cool thing is that every time I post a blog entry here, a new thread in that forum will automatically be created with the title of the blog entry so we can discuss the articles there instead of using comments here.  That way more people can participate. 

So I’m going to be closing the comments here and instead ask that you register for the forums and post your comments there, plus we can discuss more easily over there, AND I get to lose the 30 or so spam comments I get each day. 🙂  Big bonus for me!

We’ve also got a psychic and paranormal forum there, which should be a lot of fun.  You’ll find me posting there often.



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