Why do different psychics give you different information?

Question: Why is it that every psychic tends to tell us different things (past and present) and their timeline predictions are all different?  Shouldn’t two psychics pick up on the same future or past information?

Answer: There’s a saying, “A man with one watch knows what time it is.  A man with two is never sure.” 

When I look into someone’s future, I am not seeing a line with a past, present, and future.  Instead, I get a bird’s eye view of a maze and I see a beginning (birth) and an ending (death).  You enter the maze at your birth point, and almost immediately it begins branching off into hundreds of different optional directions based on what choices you make or that are made for you (in the case of being an infant).  As you go along through life you will come to many crossroads, and it will always be your choice as to which direction you head.  Eventually all roads lead to death, but you can get there quickly or it can take 100 years.  Certainly some paths you take will lead to dead ends and you may need to back track.  Some paths will lead you in a circle.  And some paths will have 10 options at certain crossroads.  The possibilities for how your life will turn out are endless.

Now, when I tune in, it’s like I’m flying above the person’s maze and I can see where they are.  If they are standing at a crossroad (as is often the reason people come to me), I can tell them what will happen if they select each road ahead of them.  But sometimes when I view the maze, I see the person is not at a crossroad.  Instead they are standing in the middle of a long corridor and their options are to simply keep going or back track.  Sometimes I see events in a corridor.  When I see an event in a corridor I know the person is going to experience it if they keep moving forward.  In those cases, I can make a pretty good prediction and it will come true.  But if a person is at a crossroads and I only tell them where one of their roads lead, then I’m not doing my job properly.  When I see someone at a crossroad, I feel like I need to tell them what all of their options are.

Now, let’s say you’re at a crossroads and you go to a psychic.  You ask, “Will I get the job with X company?”  She looks ahead and sees that it is indeed a possibility because she can see that one of your future options does indeed include a job with X company.  So then you go to another psychic and you’re at the same crossroad.  She looks down a different path and says, “No, you won’t get the job with X company, instead I see you moving back to Florida to take care of your ailing mother.”  Who is right?  They are both potentially right.  It all depends on which path you choose.

So when I’m doing a reading for someone, I let them know if something is a sure thing or if it’s a possible future.  You have free will.  You are always free to take a different path, even if it means backtracking a little so you can avoid a pitfall you see coming up.  Sometimes you can bore your way through a corridor wall and pop out in a different part of the maze.  It’s not easy, it’s not recommended, but it is possible if you’re really stuck.  Sometimes you just need a big eagle to come along and pluck you out of your corridor and plop you down at a different part of the maze.  When you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, that is often your best option.

When I read for young people it’s hard to predict too far in the future because of all the possible combinations of roads they will take.  When I am reading for someone who is 75, their options are a lot more limited and I can see just a few paths for them.

Now if you’re at a crossroads with 10 or even 100 options, a psychic is not going to have time to explore them all with you.  So when you ask a specific question like, “Will I get the job with X company?” she is looking ahead and can see that, yes, indeed, one of your paths will get you there, and she might then tell you what you need to do to ensure you’re following the path that will get you there.  But if you go to a psychic and just say, “Tell me what’s coming up with regards to my career?” she may pick a few options that she sees and just tell you about those, when in fact there are many more options.

So, bear all this in mind when you go to a psychic.  Ask your questions well and you’ll get a good, solid answer.  If you’re too vague or open-ended you may not get the whole story.  And if you see two psychics and ask the same question, at least you’ll understand why you get different answers sometimes.  Sometimes, you get the same answer.  That probably means you’re in a corridor.   I’ve done readings and told people things and they’ve said, “Oh, another psychic told me the same thing.”  That’s great confirmation for you.  I hope it was good news because it’s very likely to be true when two or more psychics are seeing it.  Good luck out there and don’t forget your compass! 🙂

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