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Psychics Are Like Doctors

Although this analogy probably isn’t perfect, I think it will be good enough for me to convey a few things you should know about psychics, how we work, and what you can expect when you consult one.

Different Schools
To become a doctor, you could attend any one of a thousand different medical schools.  They don’t all teach in the same manner, but at the end of it, you’re awarded the same degree as someone who went to medical school halfway around the world.  In much the same way, psychics become psychic by many different methods.  Some are born with the ability to hear and speak to the dead, while others get this ability in adulthood.  Some people are naturally gifted while others train themselves extensively to become psychic, much the way a poor student can become a doctor if he applies himself and works extra hard.  Some get knocked on the head and are suddenly talking to Elvis.  Hey, it can happen. 😉

Quacks and Frauds
In the medical field you’ll find your quacks and also your frauds.  Quacks are people who are not very good at being a doctor, but they are probably well-intentioned and they do have a legitimate degree in medicine.  Frauds, on the other hand, get their degrees from Kinkos, open up shop, and sell you snake oil.  They continue giving false medical advice until they’re found out and locked in jail. 

In the world of psychics, you will see the same thing.  Some psychics are well-intentioned but just not very good.  A psychic’s abilities tend to grow with time and practice and how much effort they put into improving.  So if a psychic is a quack they may actually improve over time. 

Fraudulent psychics abound, and those are the ones to watch out for.  These people (I won’t even refer to them as psychics since that’s an affront to a real psychic) use cold, warm, and hot reading techniques to fool their clients into believing they are really psychic.  Some clear signs that someone is a fraud include:

  • Telling you that you are cursed, and for an extra $200 they can remove it.
  • Telling you that the more money you pay them, the luckier you will be in life.
  • Being vague to the point of being no better than a Magic 8-Ball in answering your questions.
  • Asking for your social security number, banking information, or mother’s maiden name.
  • Telling you that you are going to Hell and for a small monthly fee you can avoid eternal damnation.
  • Asking you for another $10 for another 10 minutes.
  • Any psychic hotline (don’t get me started on those…)

So, you want to watch out for frauds because their only goal is to take your money.  You want to avoid quacks until they get better (get referrals from people you trust).

Different Specialties
After someone gets their degree in medicine they usually pick a specialty and train for another few years to master that specific area of medicine, for example, obstetrics, radiology, cardiology, psychiatry, etc.  You wouldn’t ask an obstetrician about your prostate trouble, right?  You wouldn’t go to a podiatrist if you had constant headaches right?  So if you went to an obstetrician and asked her about your prostate and she couldn’t help you, would you accuse her of being a fraud?  No, you would realize that it simply isn’t her specialty.  She might be able to give you some general medical advice, but you’d be better off seeing a specialist.

It’s the same way with psychics.  Every psychic has a specialty.  Some psychics are great at communicating with the dead, but aren’t as good at seeing your future.  Some psychics can predict world events, but can’t see or hear the dead.  Some psychics can hold an object and tell you its entire history, but can’t see how obviously suicidal you are.  Some psychics can heal with energy, but only if you’re an animal.  Some psychics can read your past lives but not your future.  Some psychics are great at finding missing children, but they can’t find their own keys.

If you want to connect with your deceased relatives, make sure you’re seeing a psychic medium whose specialty is communicating with those who have passed on.  If you want someone to help you find your life’s purpose, you’ll need someone who specializes in that.  My particular specialty is helping people get through the maze of life when they are stuck.  If you don’t like the direction you’re headed or you want to get a glimpse of where each path in your maze leads, you want to call me.   Don’t call me if you want to know where you left your keys.  They’re probably with mine.  😉 I’m also getting better at mediumship so during a reading with me a deceased relative or friend might come through, but I’m not currently the best medium out there.  I am more of a spiritual psychiatrist than a spiritual surgeon.  I’m great at passing along messages from your spirit guides and higher self.  And I’m great at getting you unstuck, untangled and on the road to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Different Tools
Doctors have many tools at their disposal including stethoscopes, ultrasound machines,  x-ray machines, catheters, needles, scalpels, suction devices, and rib spreaders.  But no one doctor uses all of them, right?  The same is true for psychics.  Some are clairvoyant, meaning they see the information coming to them in the form of images, movies, symbols, or even words flashing by on their inner screens.  Some are clairaudient, which means they hear information from guides or angels or deceased relatives, and this could be in the form of words or even music.  Some psychics are clairsentient, which means they feel information.  For example, they might feel pain in their gut and know the deceased person died from pancreatic cancer or perhaps a gunshot wound.  Some are claircognizant, which means they just know the information as though it’s been downloaded into their brain and has bypassed their usual senses.  Some psychics use divination tools such as tarot cards or crystal balls.  Some use your palm, your astrological chart, or a pendulum.  If the information is coming through accurately, it doesn’t really matter what method they are using.  Different psychics are comfortable with different tools.  It all works, just in different ways.  If you have a preference, find a psychic who uses the tool you prefer.

Different Sources and Methods
Just as some doctors use Western medicine to cure you, while others use acupuncture, homeopathy, or Oriental medicine, so too do psychics have different sources of obtaining information.  Some are in tune with spirit guides, while some speak only to angels.  Some get their messages directly from God or Jesus, while others get their information from your dear old Aunt Penny.  If the source is a concern for you, find a psychic using the source you’re most comfortable with, just as you would if you were seeking a doctor.  Some people are more comfortable with Western medicine, while others prefer a more holistic approach.  As long as you’re getting the healing you need, it’s all good.

Damnit, Jim, I’m a Psychic Not a Mind Reader
You develop a sharp, gut-wrenching, pain in your belly so you go see your doctor.  Is this how your conversation goes?

Doctor:  What seems to be the trouble, young man?
You:  You’re the doctor, you tell me.
Doctor:  Well what is your chief complaint?
You:  If I have to tell you that, then maybe you’re not the doctor I think you are!
Doctor:  Well alright, let me take a look around.  Ah, you have some really bad dandruff.  I can write you a prescription for that.
You:  No that’s not why I’m here!  Try again.
Doctor:  Well let’s see, your neck glands are a little swollen.  Do you have a sore throat?
You:  Well now that you mention it, yes, but that’s still not why I’m here.
Doctor:  Alright, let me keep looking.  Ah, you have an irregular heartbeat.  Were you aware of that?
You:  Yes, I’m on medication for it.  You’re good, but please keep going, that’s not why I’m here.
Doctor:  Your big toe has a fungus on it.  I’ll get my nurse to put some cream on it for you before you go.
You:  Oh, gee, thanks.  But you still haven’t addressed what I want to talk about.
Doctor:  Well I’m sorry but we’re out of time.  I’ve addressed many of your problems, though.  Perhaps next time we meet you’ll let me know what your major concern is so I can address that for you.

Now I’m not saying you should do all their work for them.  That would look like this:

Doctor:  What seems to be the problem?
You:  My cholesterol is 490, my blood pressure is 180/140, and my triglycerides are 670.  There is a sharp pain in my chest which I’m pretty sure is angina.  It probably doesn’t help that I smoke 8 packs of cigarettes a day.  Do you think a heart attack is in my future?
Doctor:  You betcha.  Heart attack.  Yep.  I’d put your affairs in order pronto.  That will be $240.  Thanks and please come again!
You: Wow, doctor, you’re amazing!

That would be too much information.  But you must understand that psychics are not mind readers.  We can’t tell you how many fingers you have behind your back.  We can’t tell you what you had for breakfast last Tuesday (do YOU even remember?) and we can’t tell you if you prefer hot or mild salsa.  And what would it benefit you if we could?  When you are with a psychic, just give them a general idea of what area of your life you want read, otherwise you’re going to get a lot of information about things that you’re probably not interested in.  Don’t give them too much information, though.

Example of a bad question:
My boss got really mad at me yesterday because he found out I stole $200,000 from his pension fund.  Is he going to fire me?

Examples of good questions to ask a psychic:
Can you tell me what’s going to happen in my career?
What can you tell me about my boyfriend’s health?
Are any of my deceased relatives communicating with you?
What do I most need to know now that will improve my financial situation?
Who are my guides?

Do you see how you can ask a question without giving away too much detail, but also give the psychic a direction to head?  Don’t waste the psychic’s time by making her play guessing games with you about what you really want to know.  It’s your money, and it’s your time, so don’t waste it.  At least give her the area you most want her to cover (i.e. health, finances, career, relationships, etc.)  Imagine if you were making a long distance call to Heaven and you only had 20 minutes.  Would you ask them what the weather is like up there?  Or could you think of better things to ask with your limited time?

Have you ever been to a doctor who made a mistake, despite being a very good doctor?  Doctor, nurse, and hospital errors happen all the time.  The wrong drug is administered or the wrong diagnosis is made.  Perhaps they read your chart incorrectly.  Mistakes do happen.  Likewise, sometimes psychics make mistakes.  Sometimes we see information but misinterpret it.  For example, during one of my readings a woman asked me about her son.  I immediately got an image of a guy lying on a tiny, thin bed in a very small, enclosed space and it felt very claustrophobic to me and I had feelings of being trapped and unable to get out.  I thought perhaps I was seeing a coffin so I asked her if he was deceased, and she said, “No, he’s in jail right now awaiting trial.”  Upon probing I discovered he was in a cell that was not much bigger than himself and had just a cot and a toilet and sink in it.  She may have thought I missed, but I just misinterpreted what I was seeing.   Sometimes we get information and it appears to be wrong at first, but in time the sitter realizes that what we were referring to simply hadn’t happened yet.  Sometimes I’ll see something I think is just a metaphor but, when I describe it, my sitter will tell me that it is in fact something real and not symbolic at all.  Sometimes I’ll see something and I don’t know what it means, but the guides will tell me to just tell the sitter what I’m seeing because they will understand the reference.  When psychics get information, sometimes it comes through like static, and it’s hard to discern the meaning.  Like when you hear a new song on the radio for the first time, you don’t always pick up on all the lyrics the first time you hear them.  Sometimes you can figure out the lyrics you’re hearing based on the content of the rest of the song, and sometimes you think you’re hearing “Rock the catbox” for years before you realize he’s singing “Rock the casbah.”  If your doctor or psychic are wrong all the time, it’s time to find a new one.  But the occasional miss or misinterpretation is to be expected.  We’re human… well, most of us are. 😉

Prescriptions and Advice
Your doctor tells you that you have a severe infection and writes a prescription for some antibiotics.  You get to decide whether you have the prescription filled, whether you get a second opinion, whether you try a different kind of medicine, or whether you ignore his advice altogether.  A psychic will do something similar.  We’ll tell you what the guides think is wrong with your life and how they think you can fix it.  But you are more than welcome to obtain a second opinion or discard the prescription entirely.  If you trust your psychic, and the information she gives you totally resonates with you, then it’s probably wise to get that prescription filled.  And, like a doctor, we’ll also tell you what you’re doing right so you can keep doing it.  It’s not always bad news when you see a psychic.

Different Levels of Compassion
You know how some doctors are really friendly, can remember you by name, know the names of your kids, and seem to really care about your health?  Then there are the ones who treat you like a number and don’t even seem to realize they’ve seen you a hundred times and still can’t remember that your name is Joe, not Jim?  Psychics are the same way; you’ll get both kinds.  Some psychics seem to only be working to make a buck.  They’ve got talent, but they don’t really seem to care about your overall well-being.  Then there are the ones, like myself, who enjoy hearing from their clients a few months after a reading.  Partly it’s because I want to know if any of my predictions came true (who wouldn’t be curious) but mostly it’s because I get really excited (or concerned) about the people I read for and I just really want to know how they’re doing.  When my clients get upset or emotional during a reading I will often check back with them a few days or so later to make sure they’re doing alright.  It’s just the kind of person I am.  I guess in the context of this analogy, I have a good bedside manner. 🙂

Seeing a psychic when you want advice about the road ahead is like seeing a doctor when you have a pain in your belly.  Come in sooner rather than later.  Make sure you let us know if we missed anything.  And if you like your results, please refer your friends.  We’re here to help.

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