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Fighting Supreme Evil

Fighting Supreme Evil by Erin Pavlina |

I’ve had many dreams where I’ve felt I was being taught and trained by conscious beings.  For what purpose, I was never sure, though I have an inkling now.  One night during my late teen years, I had a powerful dream I’d like to share because it had a profound effect on me that has stayed with me for years and I learned a very valuable concept.

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In the dream I found myself standing with 10 other people in a lush, forested area.  Near us was a large golden gate, covered with vines.  We stood in a line, I at one end.  11 beings emerged from the forest.  One stepped forward and began speaking to us.

“You are all here tonight because you 10 people are the highest ranking forces for Good on the planet.  Tonight you will be tested by facing the 10 highest ranking Evil people on Earth.  Do not fear.  Physical death is not possible here.  Your biggest challenge will be how you conduct yourself when faced with Evil.”

I didn’t know about the rest of the people in line with me, but I was scared.   The 10 other beings broke off and came to stand before each of us.  The being in front of me was male, wore white robes with gold trim, appeared rotund, mostly bald with a little bit of gray hair around the back and sides, and a full, but neatly trimmed, beard and mustache.  He took me aside and said, “I’m your guide for this task.”

Me:  What am I doing here?
Him:  You are currently ranked 10th in this group.  But don’t let that concern you.  You are more than up to this challenge.
Me:  What exactly am I supposed to do?
Him:  In a few moments, you will enter those gates into a garden.  The #10 ranked Evil person will also enter.  Find that person and defeat him or her by whatever means you feel is needed to prevail.
Me:  I don’t understand.  Am I supposed to just attack this person or cast spells at him or what?  What are my capabilities?
Him:  That’s for you to decide.  I can’t tell you what to do.  All I can tell you is that you are capable of defeating that Evil.
Me:  Does he have a guide too?
Him:  Yes.
Me:  Is his guide telling him that he’s capable of defeating me?
Him:  (smiling) Yes.
Me: (gulp)  What happens if he kills me?
Him:  You’ll wake up.
Me:  No, I mean, is it going to hurt?
Him:  (thinking for a moment)  Probably.  If that happens, you’ll be out of the game.
Me:  Game?  So this is just a game right?  No lasting or meaningful things need to happen in there right?  I can just give up if it’s not going well?
Him:  You can give up any time you want, but you won’t learn anything that way.  Still, it’s your choice.  I have faith in you though.  Have some in yourself.  Remember, you’re capable of defeating this Evil.
Me:  Okay.  I’ll just treat this like any other lucid dream.  I know a thing or two about kicking ass on some demons.  I’m sure I’ll be fine.
Him:  That’s the spirit.  Are you ready?
Me:  Let me change into my warrior’s gear.

At this time in my life I was having lucid dreams nearly every night.  It was a very simple matter for me to slip into the outfit I usually reserved for astral demon hunting.  Light sword, light armor, and a flowing gown you might see on Athena.

I saw the other 9 Good people also being advised by their guides.  I was told I would need to go in first.  I hated going first.  But I was mostly ready.  I didn’t totally understand what was going to happen but my plan was simple; if something attacked me I would just fight back.

I stood at the garden gate ready to enter.  The gates opened and I stepped inside.  The gates closed behind me.  I was in a garden, complete with walkways, statues, fountains, flowers, trees, bushes.  It was beautiful.  I began walking around warily, not sure where I was supposed to go.  After a few minutes, I came face to face with a male who was dressed in red and black armor, and he too had a sword.  I could feel the evil emanating off of him.  His aura was very dark.  It was almost like black smoke was coming off of him.  Maybe it was just an effect.  He growled ferociously at me and lunged at me with his sword.  I was able to parry his attack.  The weird thing about this particular battle was that my enemy felt conscious to me.  Normally in a lucid dream I am the only conscious being in there, but this was different.  I felt like maybe I was part of his lucid dream, just as much as he was part of mine.

After just a few minutes I prevailed and stabbed him through the heart with my sword.  He fell to the ground, lifeless.  After a few moments, his body disappeared.  I heard a voice say, as if it was coming through a loudspeaker, “Erin, you have defeated the #10 Evil.  You must now face #9 as your 9th Good counterpart has fallen.”  What, huh?  I thought I only had to fight one guy.  Apparently Good-9 had fallen to Evil-9 and I was next in line.

I continued walking through the garden and eventually found Evil-9.  He was harder to defeat but I cut him down in short order.  I was informed by the voice that I had to face Evil-8 next.  Oh.  I see how this works.  If I win my battles I continue on.  But did that mean all the Good people were losing theirs?

After defeating Evil-8 (he was more crafty and way more evil than Evil-10), the voice told me I had to fight Evil-4.  Whoa!  What happened to 7, 6, and 5?  I didn’t really understand it at the time, but I later figured out that Good-9 lost to Evil-9 which is why I had to fight him.  Same with Good-8 and Evil-8.  But Good-7 had defeated 7, 6, and 5-Evil before she fell, so I was the next highest ranked Good person to step up to the challenge.  Good and Evil were being eliminated after each battle.

Fighting Evil-4 was really tough.  I had to really step up my game.  I began flying, casting spells, shooting light from my sword, using telekinesis, and going insubstantial when necessary.  I was doing Matrix moves long before it was a movie. 😉  I began feeling worried.  Here I was, ranked 10 and I was fighting an Evil ranked 4.  I was also getting a little tired.  I want to point out here that I never encountered any females on the Evil side.  I saw a mix of male and females on the side of Good.  Something interesting to note, eh?

Eventually, I prevailed against Evil-4 by making a statue holding a sword come to life behind him just as he was about to kill me.  It helps to have inanimate friends I guess.

I attribute all of my skills and abilities in this “game” to having spent dozens and dozens of hours in lucid dreams acting like a superhero.  Hey, you never know when something like that will come in handy.

I began to realize that things were stepping up pretty fast.  I was going to need to pull out my A-game to defeat the next baddie.  The evil guys were fast, vicious, crafty, intelligent, and just as eager to win as I was.

I skipped Evil-3 because he had already been defeated by Good-3 who then lost to Evil-2.  I fought and prevailed against Evil-2 using a time travel ability to put myself in two places at once.  But it wasn’t easy.  Up until that final moment things were looking really dicey for me.  I had been cut and bruised and damaged many times, but I simply used healing in between battles.  After I fought and prevailed against Evil-2 I waited.  Would I have to fight the Supreme Evil?  The number 1 ranked Evil in the world?  Surely Good-1 would make short work of him.  I hoped.

But no.  It was announced over this celestial loud speaker that I would indeed have to fight Evil-1.  I literally had a panic attack inside my lucid dream.  I couldn’t believe I was the only Good person left standing.  I was ranked 10 for heaven’s sake!  Surely all the people ahead of me were more skilled than I was, so why did they all fall?  Whatever this Evil person was, he must be really hot stuff.  How on earth was I supposed to defeat him?

I was too scared to even face him.  I began hiding.  I was alone in the garden with Evil.  I looked down at my light sword and wondered if it would be enough.  I began feeling such fear that I even considered just killing myself so I could wake up.  But I wanted to catch a glimpse of this Evil first.  Just so I’d know what he looked like.  You know, something to tell the grandkids. 😉

I went invisible and just sat behind a statue trying to reign in my panic.  Eventually I saw him.  His dark aura preceded him.  Everywhere he went, darkness filled the garden.  There was a consciousness about him that I can scarce describe.  He had this charismatic aura that made me want to bow down before him and swear fealty, so powerful was his command of energy.  I could feel him searching for me with his mind.  It didn’t take him long.

Evil:  I see you.
Me:  (gulp)
Evil:  Come to me.

Mind control!  Whoa!  That’s a good one.  That’s a toughie to defend against.  I called upon every guide I had to protect me.  Truly though, I could scarcely breathe.  I slowly stood up (not sure if it was with my own will).   When I faced him he was just darkness.  He had form, but there was no light in him whatsoever.  Just shadow.  Looking into him felt like looking into an infinite abyss.  I tried to remember this was just a dream and that I could not really die, but at this point I actually feared losing my soul, which was more valuable to me.  I began to whimper softly.  Fear was really overwhelming me.

He laughed at me.

Evil:  #10 huh?  Impressive.  But do you really think you can fight me and win?  Give up now.

I noticed he held no weapon.  Interesting.  Why didn’t he have a weapon?  Was he that arrogant about his mind control powers?  I had a light sword and it had never failed me.  Just the tiniest glimmer of hope entered my mind.  Maybe I would have just one shot.

I lunged at him but he stepped aside easily.  It felt like maybe he’d read my mind.  I didn’t have a defense for that.  He touched my skin and I went cold.  I could actually feel evil crawling up my skin.  I tried casting spells at him; he deflected them all easily.  I could feel him rooting around in my mind.  He knew all my secrets, all my thoughts, all my intentions.  I knew none of my tricks would succeed.  Self-doubt was my only armor now.

He began walking slowly towards me.  I tried to fly away but he just held me still with his power.  As he came closer I felt near to passing out.  He had no weapon!  All he did was just walk up to me and embrace me.  I could feel myself falling into that abyss of Evil.  Words can’t describe how hopeless I felt.  Total, abject fear began engulfing me.  How could this kind of Evil be defeated, I wondered.  How?!  And then it came to me.  Love.  I knew that Love could defeat Fear.  All this time I thought my light sword was an extension of my goodness, but I realized that Good is not enough to defeat Evil.  Only Love might be.  But how to feel love when all I felt was fear?

I called up the love inside me.  I literally tapped into Love, into Source, and felt that loving spirit filling me, pushing away the fear.  I felt my fear slip away, dwarfed by the power of Love and Faith.  After just a few moments, I felt my body pulsing with Light.  I felt completely and totally safe in the highest sense of the word.  Evil recoiled from me, but stood his ground.  He tried casting fear at me again but it bounced off Love.  We stood there for a few moments.  I knew he could not harm me.  I knew he could not make me feel fear again.  I knew I was safe.  But how to defeat him?  I didn’t want a stalemate.

“Bless you,” I said.  He recoiled.  “God bless you, Evil.”  He stumbled like he was in pain.  “I give you Love. Unconditional.  I give you Love.”  I stretched out my arms and let love flow from my body towards him.  It was easy to give, I had so much.  I felt like infinity itself was in my body vibrating with love.  I just emanated and channeled Love and Joy.  After just a few moments, Evil was gone.  I don’t know where he went.  But he was gone.

I saw the exit from the garden and walked through it.  My guide met me on the other side and simply said, “Well done.”  I was Joy.

I woke up from that dream feeling the remnants of the Love and Joy I had channeled.  I walked around school that day in a strange funk.  I had fought the Supreme Evil and I was still standing.

Love.  So powerful.  So simple.  It’s right there for you to channel whenever you desire.  Fighting does not defeat evil.  Only love has that power.  The next time you find yourself challenged by hopelessness, fear, and self-doubt, try to channel love.

Be love.

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