John Edward and Allison DuBois on Oprah

I just finished watching the 9am episode of Oprah where her guests were John Edward and Allison Dubois.  Allison is the psychic that the show Medium is based on, and John Edward is a famous psychic medium who currently has his own television show, Cross Country with John Edward.  I’ve seen John Edward perform in person and I watch the show Medium every week, for obvious reasons.

What I loved about this Oprah show was that she asked both of them the questions most people would ask if they had 20 minutes with either of these two people.  And I thought both gave great answers.  In fact, both gave the exact answers I would have given had I been the one sitting across from Oprah.  It was wonderfully reassuring to me to hear these two people describe their process and know that my guides have shown me and guided me to that exact same process.  I often feel like I am flying blind as I improve my psychic and medium skills; there’s no manual that I’m aware of. 

One of the things John mentioned was that deceased energy has to lower their vibration and the medium has to raise her vibration in order to connect.  That is very true, and I’ve often explained to my sitters that very concept.  During a reading, sometimes an energy from the other side cannot lower their frequency to meet me or I can’t raise mine high enough to reach theirs, so a connection is not made.  It doesn’t mean that grandma isn’t there, it just means I am unable to connect.  Right now I’m pretty good at connecting with deceased people who have died recently (within 2 years) or who had a violent or unnatural death, or where there is urgent unfinished business (where is the will?).  But trying to connect with someone who passed on from old age 20 years ago is difficult for me.

Another question Oprah asked John was what the deceased people have to say about the “other side.”  In other words, if we can connect with deceased people why not just ask them what it’s like in the ether or Heaven?  His answer was also the same as the answer I give people when they ask me.  What I usually tell my sitters is that when I make a connection, the other side knows we have maybe 5-20 minutes to chat.  They are so anxious to tell me what my sitter needs to know, they aren’t going to waste time on information that won’t directly help or benefit the person I’m reading for.  When I tune in I ask my sitter’s guides, angels, higher self, and deceased relatives to come to me with a message that will help them on their path.  That leaves little time to discuss how real estate, careers, and carbs function in the ether.

John also mentioned that sometimes when he sits with a client he cannot connect with any of their deceased relatives.  I’ve wondered that because that happens to me sometimes and I always feel disappointed that I’m unable to connect my sitter with their deceased relatives.  I always thought people like John Edward, James Van Praagh, and John Holland could always find someone, so it was interesting to me to know that it isn’t always the case.

I was impressed with Allison DuBois.  Her specialty is helping the police solve crimes.  I find that a very honorable way to utilize her gifts.  I’m not sure helping police solve crimes is a path I will eventually take, but I really respect her for using her gifts in that manner.  Her abilities are very different from mine.  She taps into the head, as she puts it, of the perpertrator and can see motive and method.  She will get details of the crime from the head of the perpertrator and from the victim, and she pieces them together to help police find the evidence they need.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Psychics are Like Doctors, psychics have different methods and specialities when it comes to their type of abilities.

Oprah had a skeptical scientist in the audience weigh in on what she was hearing.  She stated that there is no evidence of psychic abilities in any peer reviewed journals.  Oprah also had on a research psychologist named Dean Radin, I believe, who mentioned that there are indeed over a thousand studies published in scientifically peer reviewed journals that do indeed show proof of psychic abilities, but that most scientists are simply unaware of these studies or have not bothered to read them (who has time to read everything right?).  I am someone who does not need to read published articles to know that psychic phenomenon is real so I can’t really comment on whether such proof exists, but if you are someone to whom that is important, I urge you to find them and read them and let me know what you discover.

If you get a chance to see the show later today do it!  Or catch it in reruns.  Both John and Allison answered several questions that will help you understand the process a psychic medium uses to connect with the energy on the other side.  I’m glad to see this topic being addressed on Oprah.

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