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Email Readings Announcement

Many of you have noticed that I discontinued the email readings.  Since I am still getting a lot of requests for them, let me explain why I chose to discontinue offering them.

Follow Up Questions

Often after I had sent off an email reading people had follow up questions.  I didn’t mind getting clarification questions, but with follow up questions I have to tune back in to get the information.  This had the net effect of taking up a lot more time than I could afford to give to one reading.

Time Sensitive Questions

People often asked me questions that were time sensitive.  Due to my queue for these readings, which was often 3-5 weeks long, people either weren’t getting their answers in time or their situation was resolving on their own.  I would often get emails asking if they could replace one of their questions.  Managing this was becoming cumbersome because I had to go searching through several emails to find people’s final set of 3 questions.

Deceased Relatives

A lot of people wanted me to connect with a deceased relative.  I wasn’t sure I could do this without being on the phone with my sitter, but lo and behold, I was doing pretty well at connecting!  The only problem with this is that the deceased person would give me a lovely message and then want to talk to their loved one, but their loved one was not available since it was an email reading.  It became sad and frustrating to be able to reach that dearly departed loved one and have to tell them that we couldn’t have a conversation, we only had time to deliver a one-sided message.  If you want to connect with a deceased person, please book a phone or in-person reading.

Long Queue Time

As previously mentioned, the amount of email reading requests I was getting was enormous and I was having a hard time keeping up with those and also doing all the phone readings.  Some days I was doing 12 readings a day to catch up and it was just too much.  It started weighing heavily on me that people were waiting for their readings and I just didn’t have enough time to get to them in what I considered a timely manner, especially given the sometimes time sensitive nature of their questions.

And so it was, with a lot of thought and consideration that I decided the email readings had to be retired. 

Phone Readings

The phone readings are just wonderful though.  You can ask a lot more questions, and if I do connect with a deceased relative, you get the opportunity to have a real conversation and get your questions answered.  I know that sometimes the queue for phone readings is long too.  Please be patient.  There are some weeks where I have to book less appointments than usual, and sometimes illness forces me to reschedule appointments, and then I have to do double duty for a week or so to catch up.  If I have a cancellation I always try to bump people up in the queue. 


I am very much enjoying providing these readings.  I am meeting so many high awareness people, and it is a true pleasure to connect with you all.  I love getting feedback and updates on what has happened since your readings.  I read everything I get even if I don’t always have time to respond. 

It’s possible the email readings will come back one day, when I can figure out how to provide them in a timely manner.  Thanks for your understanding. 

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