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Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Archangels Defined

Question: So just what is the difference between spirit guides, guardian angels and archangels. . . for those of us who are “eagles in the making?”

Answer: Good question.  Here are some definitions as I’ve come to understand them.

Higher Self:  We have to start with your higher self even though you didn’t mention good old HS.  Your higher self is who you are when you’re back in the ether.  HS is the real you when the veil is not drawn across your memory.  HS knows and remembers everything pertaining to you, your past, your future, your goals, etc.  I wrote an article about your Higher Self that you might want to read for more on connecting with him/her.

Spirit Guides:  Before you incarnate, you get together with your higher self and determine what sort of events you will experience, who you will meet, challenges you will face, etc.  It’s like putting together a course syllabus.  Your higher self then selects spirits who are willing and able to guide you through those events or experiences.  These guides will come in and out of your life as these events happen.  Some spirit guides will hang around you your entire life, some will come and go regularly, and some will pop in for an event and leave.  They’re busy “people” and watching over an incarnated human takes work and effort, so it’s not a job that is given or taken lightly.  These are not your dead grandparents here.  These are spirits that have expertise or knowledge or experience in handling the situations you are planning for yourself to encounter while incarnated.  If you want to connect directly with your spirit guides, you can.  It’s like visiting your professors during office hours.  Avail yourself of the opportunity.

Guardian Angels: Everyone has angels watching out for them.  Several in fact.  Angels are not in the same category as spirit guides.  Angels do not incarnate, whereas a spirit guide could take human form again if they chose.  There are thousands of angels and some are assigned to you just like guides.  They are especially good at comforting you during the rough times.  If you meditate, you may detect them around you.  And they are usually around in a crisis.  They tend to intervene when disaster is about to strike and you need some serious help.

Archangels:  These are the heavy hitters.  The high mucky mucks.  They are as close to Source as you can get without actually being Source.  They are powerful and pervasive.  Archangels could be in all places at all times.  They are not bound to one person at a time.  Their energy is simply awesome, their vibration extremely high, their frequency extremely high.  Some examples of archangels are Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel.  Don’t get caught up on the names, physical descriptions, or religious and historical significance.  They are wonderfully uplifting and awesomely terrifying in their power.  You don’t want to mess with or tick off an archangel. 😉

Celestial Beings:  Although you didn’t ask, I wanted to mention celestial beings because you don’t want to forget them.  These are beings on other planes of existence.  Their motives could be light or dark, but are at a high vibration.  They might be physical beings or non-corporeal beings, or somewhere in between.  We’ll explore them in more detail some other time.  Sometimes people who channel are channeling celestial beings.  They will present information that may or may not be true, and the information is presented with varying intentions.  You want to watch out for them in the sense that they have an agenda that may or may not coincide with your own.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  This is just the tip of what’s “out there.”  Be nice to them all.  You never know when you might need one.

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