Anatomy of a Psychic Reading

What is it like to get an intuitive reading from me?  I hear frequently from the people that I read for that it was nothing like they expected.  I’m not sure that’s good or bad, so I wanted to take some time to walk you through a typical reading experience with me.  I’ll also share some insights and advice along the way.

Booking the Appointment
I have a new shopping cart set up to handle the bookings which is saving me some time since I don’t have to manually run the credit cards.  When you book your reading with me, you can pay via credit card or paypal, and you’ll get a confirmation email telling you exactly what to do next.  That will include where to send your photo and/or your travel details.  Once that is done all you have to do is wait for my call.  I will phone you no matter where you live (unless you live in the Pleiades or Antarctica) ;).  I prefer to speak to you on a landline because cell phones are notorious for cutting out on me during a reading.  You just lose time when that happens, but if a cell phone is all you have then no worries, we’ll make it work.  I don’t have Skype.  In the past when I’ve used it, it always malfunctions.  Not sure why.

Preparing for Your Reading
You don’t have to do anything to prepare if you don’t want to.  However, I definitely get a clearer connection with your guides when you are in a high vibrational state.  So if you want, do a little meditation 10 minutes before our reading.  Get yourself relaxed, put the dog in another room, send the kids outside to play, etc.  Be in a nice quiet environment for your reading.  Make sure your phone is functional (yes, this has actually been a problem during some readings.)  Write down your questions, and if you can’t think of any, at least write down the areas you want me to cover, i.e. career, health, finances, relationship, etc.

Our First Contact
I will phone you on time so be ready.  Sometimes it takes an extra minute to connect with someone overseas.  If you don’t hear from me within 3 minutes of our appointment time, go check your email because it’s likely I’ve sent you a message indicating there is a problem.  Once we connect, we will go through the typical pleasantries (“Hi, how are you?  Fine, how are you?”) and then I’ll ask if you are ready.  I don’t want to waste any of your time and I also don’t want you to launch into a story or questions.  Let me do all the work initially.

The Spiel
Here is exactly, word-for-word, what you will hear from me in the beginning.  “The first thing I’m going to do is tune in to your higher self, guides, and angels.  They are going to give me a metaphorical image which I’ll explain, describe and explore with you.  That usually covers the area you’re most concerned with, or it’s the message they most want you to hear in the limited time they have to speak with you.  Once we’ve gone over that, you can ask me specific questions about any area of your life.  It will take me a minute or two to tune in and get the first image, but as soon as I’ve got it, I’ll be back.  Stand by.” 

Connecting With Your Guides
At this point I open my chakras wide, climb my celestial staircase (which raises my frequency) and go into my White Room.  There, I am greeted by my guide, Bob, who is the one that helps me connect with the guides, angels, and higher selves of my sitters.  First I thank my own guides, angels, and higher self for the ability to help others with this gift, and ask them to support me in my readings that day by boosting my frequency.  Then I ask the guides, angels, and higher self (and any deceased relatives that want to come through) to give me a message that will help my sitter on her path.  Then, with a totally clear mind, I wait for the image to come.  Sometimes it feels like electricity jolting through my brain.  Sometimes I see a staticky image that needs tuning in.  And sometimes I see darkness with a single, clear image or symbol just sitting in the pitch black. 

As I explore the image, I am talking to your spirit guides and asking them for the meaning of the image.  Sometimes I get just a snapshot image, and sometimes a whole scene will play out in front me like a movie.  I’ll wait until I’ve got the whole thing before I speak to you.  I will usually see the problem you are having and the solution the guides are suggesting.  I have to say, from my perspective, this is the most important part of the reading.  You may have all kinds of questions about your deceased Aunt Mary or whether to take the job in Dubai, but I’m telling you, these guides are giving you gold!  This is the message they most want you to know, and they know they have a limited amount of time to convey it to you.  This is what they feel will help you the most during our reading.  Take notes, pay attention.

After I’ve described the scene and explained the message coming from it, I’ll ask if you understand the message.  Most people do.  Some people aren’t sure what part of their life it refers to.  I can usually tell them; although sometimes I’m not sure yet either.  In this case, I’ll ask you to ask your first question and usually there’s an a-ha moment when you realize the metaphor I’ve given you totally answers your first question.

Specific Questions
It can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes to fully explore the metaphor.  Sometimes after we’re done with the metaphor my sitter will look down at their list of questions and realize that one metaphor and subsequent discussion of it answered all of their questions.  But if the guides didn’t give answers to every question then it’s time for a round of specifics.  This is when I open the conversation to you to ask anything you want.

How specific are the answers?  It varies.  Sometimes people will say, “What should I do with my life?” and the guides answer, “Teach young children.  Preschool teacher.”  And my sitter (the network administrator) says, “Oh my gosh!  I’ve just recently been feeling like I want to teach preschool.  That’s amazing that they would tell you that.”  That’s a strong indicator that becoming a preschool teacher is a direction you should be looking to go.

Sometimes people ask, “What should I do with my life?” and the guides don’t give a specific answer.  It bothered me in the beginning that they didn’t give specifics to some people, but then my guides explained to me that for some people the very act of discovering their purpose and moving forward with faith, confidence, and courage is the lesson they need to learn.  Telling them what to do will not help them learn that, just as tying a child’s shoes for them everytime they ask won’t help them learn to tie their shoes themselves.

Sometimes people ask about other members of their family.  I can usually get good information on people very close to you, people that live with you.  Once we get out to your parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews the guides are somewhat limited in what they can tell you.  They have to relay information from your family’s guides to me and then me to you and sometimes we lose information in the process.  But it’s okay to ask anyway because you never know what will happen.

“What is my life purpose?” is a question I get asked a lot.  A better question might be, “What can you tell me about my life purpose?”  As I’ve discovered, sometimes the guides will give me a very specific answer and sometimes they won’t.  Apparently, for some people, the act of discovering a life purpose is part of that purpose and they can’t be handed the keys to the treasure chest, they’ve got to find them on their own.  I know it’s frustrating;  I get frustrated on your behalf.  But the guides will always at least give you the next step in finding your purpose.  So pay attention to that.

I will continue to answer specific questions until our time is up.  Often I will end with a final message from your higher self.  Pay really close attention to anything I tell you where I preface it with, “And this is a direct quote… ” because they tell me when I’m supposed to say something word for word.  Sometimes what I say in those cases is a profound synchronicity for you.

Deceased Relatives
If a deceased friend or relative is going to come through during a reading they are almost always hovering around me 5-10 minutes before a reading, and I just know we are going to have contact with a deceased relative or friend.  In those cases, I am usually instructed to start with their message because it is usually important and/or urgent.

If you want to connect with someone specific on the other side, I will attempt to make contact.  I have found that sometimes they will come through and sometimes they won’t.  If they don’t come through, don’t panic.  It doesn’t mean they are not there, it just means I cannot connect with them.  It’s like ringing someone’s phone and they don’t answer.  They are there, just screening their calls. 😉

It’s much easier for me to connect with people who are recently deceased, who have not fully crossed over, or who died under mysterious or unusual circumstances.

I will say that my specialty seems to be in helping people get back on the right path; the one that will bring them the most joy, the one they designed for themselves before they incarnated.  Connecting with deceased relatives is wonderful when it’s urgent and important, but if you are desperate to connect with a deceased relative then I may or may not be able to help you.  Don’t count on it is what I’m saying.

Going Overtime
I regret that I am usually not able to go longer than 30 minutes because my readings are booked very close together to accommodate my waiting list.  So make sure you ask all the important questions early.  When I tell you we have time for one more question don’t ask about a deceased relative.  It can take several minutes just to find them and you don’t want to be cut off in the middle of a great conversation with them.

Hard Questions, Hard Answers
I will answer any question you ask me, so be careful and make sure you want to know the answer.  I’ve had people ask, “Is my mom going to be okay?” and when the answer is no, I have to tell you.  I know you are looking for reassurance, but my job is to act as a relay, and I feel a moral obligation to tell you exactly what your guides say.  So please don’t ask the question unless you’re ready and willing to hear the truth.

Do you really need a photo?
I don’t need a photo but it helps a lot.  Here’s why.  First of all, when I’m talking with you on the phone it’s really nice to see who I’m talking to.  It helps me establish a connection.  Secondly, when I look at a photo I see your face, but then your face morphs, spiritually speaking, and I can see your “true” face.  I might see sadness even if you’re smiling.  I might see a heavy weight on your shoulders even when you’re wearing a tank top.  And I can see years of depression even if it’s your wedding photo.  Thirdly, I can sometimes see spirits and angels in your photos that are hovering around you.  When I see them, I can connect with them more easily.  I have also, twice, seen an entity so negative attached to someone that it shocks me they can’t see it too.  Maybe the aborigines were right that a photo captures your soul.  It sure does feel that way sometimes.

So, while a photo isn’t 100% necessary, I can give you a much better, deeper, more accurate reading if I can see your face.  I also give you the option of sending me photos of people you’ll be asking about in the reading.  One look at a couple and I can tell if they will be together 5 years from now.  I can see impending disasters in a photo, and a lot more.  When you send your photo, I want to see your face. I don’t need a background.  Make sure your face is not shrouded in darkness.  If you need to take a new photo, all the better.  Fresh is best. 🙂

Feedback, Updates, and Testimonials
I encourage my sitters to let me know if something I’ve told them comes to pass.  It’s nice for me to have closure on that.  I like to receive updates, but I don’t always have time to respond to them.  Please don’t take that as a sign that I don’t care.  If you want to send me a testimonial that would be great too.  I don’t have time to answer follow up questions from a reading where I would need to tune back in to get the answer, so please don’t ask me to because I hate to say no.

Future Readings
People sometimes ask when they should get another reading.  My answer is that you should only book another reading if you are really stuck or if you have completed all the “homework” your guides have given you and you are ready to hear more.

Sometimes people ask a question and the guides get silent on me.  It’s like when you’re talking on a cell phone and suddenly you hear nothing.  It sounds like a dropped call but I can tell we are still connected.  I think that sometimes they are taking time to confer, and sometimes they simply don’t want my sitter to know the answer to their question.  Sometimes the guides will say, “We know the answer but it’s not time for him to know” and I have to respect and convey that.  But when I hear no answer at all, I will tell you.

What I Love
Sometimes people say, “How could you possibly know that?” to which I reply, “I didn’t; they did!”  I love the guides, I love the metaphors, I love the deceased relatives.  Sometimes I get a real kick out of the personality that some of these guides have.  Sometimes they are amused and sometimes very stern or orderly.  I get all kinds. 

Closing Down
After our phone call I have to shut down the conduit, otherwise I end up carrying your guides around with me all day.  There are enough voices in my head already. 😉  At the end of the day I thank Bob, my guides, my higher self, and my angels for helping me give good readings that day.  I always feel a sense of excitement and joy after giving readings, because I feel like I’ve helped people get moving again.  It’s very gratifying.  And I’m very humbled and blessed to be able to do this work.  I periodically work with my guides to improve my connection to serve you all better.

So don’t be shy!  Now you know all there is to know about getting a reading with me.  At the beginning of a call people often tell me they are nervous.  Don’t be.  You’re safe and in good hands.  And don’t worry if you cry.  It happens often.  Sometimes I’m crying right there with you.

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