My Encounter with the Astral Vampire

This is the tale of my first experience with an astral vampire.  It remains one of the more frightening astral experiences of my life.

I was in my late teens (17-19, something in there) and I was dating a guy whom I’ll call Jared.  One day we were in my bedroom just having a conversation when it turned ugly, and we ended up having a very bad argument.  I remember some very cruel things were said.  Jared was sitting on my bed and I was sitting on my floor. We were really going at it.  No one else in my family was home so they weren’t hearing this intense argument.

We were having the argument at 6pm and somehow, and for some odd reason, we both just fell asleep.  At 6pm.  He on my bed and me on my floor.  Now I never ever slept anywhere but my bed because I had “enchanted” it with all kinds of charms and warding spells to protect me when I slept.  This was during the height of my astral warrior experiences, and I was as good as dead if I was ever caught off guard.  So falling asleep on my floor was extremely unusual for me.  We literally both just went to sleep.  We didn’t discuss it, didn’t have any end to the argument, we both just petered out and fell asleep.

I woke up in near total darkness.  The glow of the clock was the only light source.  It read exactly midnight.  I was very confused at first as to where I was, but the hard surface of the floor and my strange vantage point reminded me of what had happened earlier.  I saw Jared asleep on the bed.  I couldn’t believe it was midnight.  Was my family home?  Why didn’t they wake us?  With four other people living in the house, I was sure someone would have looked in on me and wondered why Jared’s car was still parked outside.  But the house was quiet.

I felt something was terribly wrong.  Just a really intense, strong feeling that something was out there and it was evil.  Against my better judgment, I decided I had to go downstairs and look around.  In my “human-form” for lack of a better term, I was a scaredy cat.  In my astral warrior form, I was rockin’, so it was pretty odd for me to have the courage to go walking around my house in the middle of the night.  But I was compelled.

I got up silently, not wanting to wake Jared.  I went down our creaky stairs and landed in our dining room.  There was a crackling energy in this room that was just barely registering in my mind.  I crept into the kitchen and felt like something was watching me.  I had shivers running up and down my spine.  I felt this urge to go outside, but a voice warned me it was a trap.  I decided I’d better get back upstairs where it was safe, so I headed back towards the dining room.  I thought I saw a red orb bobbling around just outside the dining room window.  That was it for me!  I raced upstairs and got back to my room, panting with fear.

Instead of waking Jared up, I laid back down on the floor and decided I would have to go astral to find out what was up and also because I wanted my light sword with me.  I initiated the astral separation by inviting that tingling, vibrational, high frequency sound into me that accompanied my astral projections.  I separated from my body, peering down to make sure it was there.  I donned my astral accoutrements (sword and light body armor) and put a shield around my body.

First I scanned my bedroom.  I could see Jared on the bed, and all seemed well.  I retraced my earlier steps by going downstairs into the dining room.  Immediately I peered out the dining room window where I had seen the orb and this time I saw a dark figure with gleaming red eyes, and ears near the top of his head (batman style) instead of where human ears would be located.  He beckoned at me to come outside.  It was compelling, but I resisted the urge.

I had never encountered this type of being before, but I knew if I went outside he would have the upper hand, so I decided to reinforce the inside of my house so he couldn’t get in.  Using my light sword, I shot light all around the dining room area.  I saw him recoil from the light, turn into a red orb, and fly away.  I thought all was well.  I flew back upstairs intending to return to my body.  When I got back to my room, however, he was standing between me and my body!

He was more than just a dark figure now.  He had a yellowish face, red eyes, the strange ears at the top of his head, and he was wearing a dark cloak.  He hissed at me, “Are you sure you want to go back to your body?”  I replied forcefully, “Yes, God damn you!” and he snarled at me and flew out my window.  I immediately jumped into my body and tried to reconnect so I could wake up.  But I was having trouble.  I was stuck in the astral realm.  This had happened to me on several other occasions and usually I just needed to lower my vibration to merge back into an appropriate state with my body, but I was too keyed up and frightened.  So I got back up and went to Jared’s form on the bed.

As soon as I got near him, his astral hands snaked out and grabbed me around the neck and he started choking me.  I said, “Jared, Jared, stop it!  It’s me, Erin.  You’ve got to wake up.”  He came to astral awareness and sat up in my bed (his body still lying prone).  “What’s happening?” he asked me.  I replied, “There’s something in here with us.  You’ve got to wake up so you can wake me up.  Just shake me so I can get back into my body.  Hurry!  He could come back at any moment.”  He said, “Okay okay, no problem” and promptly laid back down.  I went back to my body but nothing happened.  “Jared!” I yelled.  He astrally woke again and I said, “Jared, you forgot to wake up!  Hurry, you’ve got to wake me up.”  He said he was having trouble waking up too and couldn’t help me.

Frustrated, I got back into my body and concentrated really hard on reconnecting.  Normally this wasn’t difficult for me, but for some reason I was having a hard time getting back in my body.  Eventually, I got back in.  I stood up and rushed to wake Jared.  I shook him and as he woke, his hands grabbed me around my neck and he flung me onto the bed.  It seemed like he was still asleep.  After just a few moments though, he became fully conscious and before I could say anything (I was trying to access my crushed larynx) he said, “Oh my God, Erin.  I just had the craziest dream.  I dreamed there was a vampire in the room.  I saw you come in and then he flew out the window.  You got on the bed and tried to wake me up but I was choking you.  I thought you were the vampire and I was going to throw him out the window.  But I realized it was you.  I couldn’t wake up, even though I knew it was a dream.”

I couldn’t believe he remembered the experience.  I told him about what happened to me.  I started crying as I realized how close we came to having a real problem.  I don’t know what would have happened to him or me if I hadn’t scared the vampire off.  We were both a little freaked out about the experience.  I crawled into bed with him, our argument forgotten.

In the morning I asked my parents what happened between 6pm and midnight.  They said they never thought to check on me and didn’t even know Jared had spent the night.  The whole experience was odd and unusual from beginning to end.

I encountered the astral vampire just one more time.  He was hovering near my window beckoning me to come outside.  I knew it was a trap, but I had a plan, so I allowed him to think he was going to succeed and that I was “under his spell.”  As soon as I flew outside, he grappled onto me, but I was ready for him.  I pushed him to the ground with great force and plunged my light sword into his heart.  There was a look of surprise on his face as he turned into black smoke and seemed to seep into the ground.  Buffy, eat your heart out!

I don’t know much about astral vampires.  I don’t know who they are, where they come from, what they want, or how they operate.  I just know that when something threatens me, it’s going to get a light sword in the chest.  I never slept on the floor again though.  No need to be reckless… 😉

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