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Reincarnation and Population Growth

Question: What do you make of the fact that the planet’s population is growing? Reincarnation implies that it should be stable, right?

Answer: Not at all.  You are probably assuming that all the souls are incarnated at the same time, so that when one dies, another takes its place.  But there are many times more souls in the ether than there are on planet Earth.  Souls that are discarnate are at varying stages of conscious development in the ether.  Some await the right time to incarnate again, some will choose not to incarnate, and some may be done with earthly incarnations.

That more people are choosing to incarnate at this time is something to discuss, however.  I don’t remember why there are more souls incarnated now than there have been in the past.  Could be any number of reasons.  Perhaps there is a coming apocalypse and people want to get in another incarnation before that happens.  Perhaps the “marketing team” in the the ether is doing a great job selling souls on a trip to Earth.  Maybe there is a two for one sale going on. 😉  Maybe we’re just at a stage of our collective evolution where this type of human growth is necessary.  Maybe we, as a collective, are studying the effect of overpopulation.  Maybe new levels of this game have been added and more people are logging in to have a peek.

But to get back to your original question… it’s like being at Disneyland and seeing more and more people buying admission tickets.  There are still many many more who are not at Disneyland but awaiting their turn.  However, Disneyland can only hold so much before it becomes too crowded to move.  On the one hand, it may be more exciting to go to Disneyland on a crowded day with hordes of people, all that energy and joy in the air. But on the other hand, who wants to wait 2 hours in line for a 1 minute ride?  That’s not fun.

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