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Positive Astral Experiences

Someone asked me recently to share some positive astral experiences since I’ve written about many of my encounters with lower vibrational, i.e. negative, beings on the astral plane.  This is a fair question.  At first I found it hard to think of a positive astral experience and that troubled me.  Maybe it’s because the darker ones seemed so impactful, or maybe it’s because I remember those more clearly than the positive ones.  But after a few days of mulling it over, I do have some positive astral experiences to share.

They fall into three categories: learning, exploring, and assisting others.

Learning Experiences

Sometimes during an astral projection I would connect with some higher vibration being who wanted to instruct me.  Sometimes I would be shown a future event.  Sometimes I would simply sit and discuss a topic with the being.  Sometimes I was with other humans in an astral state being instructed on some topic that was designed to help me better understand the universe and/or myself.  Sort of like astral school, but not quite.  Basically instruction, learning, and experimenting with talents and abilities.


During some experiences I would explore other realms, other times, other universes (or so it seemed to me at least).  I can recall zooming out into space and beyond, exploring other parts of our galaxy.  I can also recall going inside myself until my consciousness was my atoms.  I’ve visited friends who are sleeping.  I’ve gone back in time to witness events.  I’ve gone to what some would refer to as the Akashic Records or Library.  Not light reading I can assure you! 😉

Assisting Others

I have also found myself called astrally to the bedside of someone who has passed on and doesn’t know it.  And also to family members having either a bad dream or a bad astral experience.  It’s like my astral self just answered a distress call without me always knowing where I was going.  I was just pulled out of my body and pulled along until I saw the problem.

A Great Trip

As I got older, my astral journeys have become fewer and far between.  Maybe having two kids and a mortgage has something to do with it. 😉  I still receive instruction, I still explore, and I still assist others, only now it’s more often while I’m awake than during the night.  I am still called out to assist others upon occasion; work that I am very happy to do.  And I am still occasionally surprised by something trying to “bump me in the night.”

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