Picking Our Parents and Our Life Circumstances

In my recent blog entry, Destiny vs. Free Will, I mentioned that before you incarnate you pick your parents and your life circumstances.  People always ask me why someone would choose to be born into a poor family, or into an abusive home, if indeed we are allowed to select our own situation.  Here is the explanation.

Imagine you are back in the ether and you’re getting ready to design your next life.  To use an analogy, you are handed a form with checkboxes for the kind of life you want to have.  You fill out the paperwork indicating you want to focus on learning compassion, perseverance, and kindness.  You also decide you want to have a large impact on the planet instead of just living in your quiet little corner of the globe.  You turn in your paperwork to the wise Rishi whose job it is to help you find a life situation you can be born into so that you will learn these things.

Using his vast ethereal computer, he inputs all your preferences and the computer spits out 20 families who have the exact life situation you would need in order to learn compassion, perseverance, and kindness.   Using other parameters, such as who you’d like to marry, their location, and the political climate surrounding these families, the computer narrows the choice down to 10.  He narrows the search further by analyzing the families’ current financial situation and the computer spits out 2 families.  He hands you the information on each family with a projection for how likely it is that you will succeed in learning compassion, perseverance, and kindness, and you read it carefully.

You discover that both families currently live in poverty, but one is in America and one is in Croatia.  The American family has 4 other children, and the Croatian family has 1.  You can see both families struggle with finances.  But the American parents are at a consciousness level of anger and are sometimes abusive towards their children.  The Croatian parents are very loving and confident they will make something of their lives and be able to provide well for their children.  You can see that in both cases the likelihood of you learning compassion, perseverance and kindness is very high.  One of the children in the American family is a soul you recognize from a previous incarnation.  You don’t recognize the Croatian souls from any of your incarnations.

Your final decision is to be born into the American family even though you know you will suffer terrible abuses.  You feel certain that the adversities you face in childhood will help you learn compassion for others, how to persevere in the face of adversity, and the kindness towards others that your parents could not demonstrate to you.  It will be a good life.

The Rishi makes the arrangements; your future parents accidentally get pregnant (darn condoms that break!) and in you go.  The veil is drawn and you are off on another adventure.  Will you succeed?  Will you learn?  Will you raise your level of consciousness?  That remains to be seen.

Now obviously there are thousands of parameters for choosing a family and life situation so the above scenario is a vast oversimplification of the process.  But hopefully you get the idea.

When you are in the ether you remember that you are a part of consciousness and that you are being sent out into the world to experience, learn, and grow.  You know that physical life is temporary, and that the pain and adversity you face as a physical being is but a moment in your existence.  Why do people choose to enter a life that is filled with pain and torment?  Because from the perspective of the ether, any pain or adversity is but a blip of discomfort in the grand scheme of things.  It’s like asking if you are willing to suffer a paper cut in order to gain vast wisdom and knowledge and tremendous personal growth.  When we incarnate, we forget that, so yeah, it can be extremely difficult to understand why horrible things happen to you and even more disconcerting to think you chose for it to happen!  This is why I feel it is so important to remember where we came from.  When you remember that this life is temporary and that your goal is growth, it can make even the most horrible conditions bearable.  Just look at Nelson Mandela.  With all that he suffered, to come out of that experience with his spirit intact, and able to make a profound difference in the lives of his people, you can see how even severe adversity may be required in order to make an impact on our planet.

When you choose your parents and your life situation you are giving yourself an opportunity.  What you do with that opportunity is entirely up to you.  Don’t waste any of the life you’ve chosen.  Learn from every experience.

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