Do you see animals on the other side?

Question:  I recently had to put my animal companion down.  She was suffering for years.  Is she on the other side?  Does she have a soul?  Is she doing okay now?  Will I see her again?

Answer: I believe animals do have souls, though they are not quite like our own.  In the last year as I’ve been doing readings, I have encountered and communicated with many animals on the other side.  It was something of a surprise to me as I was not expecting that to happen. 

In one case I recall that a big, white furred cat with brown spots appeared to me and showed me that she was okay, intact, and still hanging around her previous human companion.  She then showed me a little black kitten that was alive, so I mentioned it to my sitter who confirmed that she had the aforementioned cat who died years ago and that she had recently adopted a little black kitten. 

I’ve also communed with a horse, lots of dogs, and several cats.  I love it when animals come through because I have found that they have a purity and innocence I don’t always see or feel in other humans.  Loyalty and love are what I feel from them most often.

Do they talk to me in words?  Not exactly.  They use the same method the spirit guides use. They send me images or pictures, feelings, and energetic-like telepathic thoughts.  I’ve never seen an animal on the other side that was suffering, though admittedly, animal channeling is not my forte and it hasn’t happened too much.  Enough for me to know they are there and intact, but not enough for me to fully understand their situation.

I think people can rest easy knowing their animal companions are safe and intact in the ether.  And I believe you will see them again.

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