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The Dead Speak

It’s been nearly a year since I began communicating with deceased loved ones on the other side.  I am continually amazed by this process.  If you had asked me 5 years ago if it was possible to speak to dead people in the afterlife I would have said yes but I wouldn’t have known how to do it.  I’ve gotten signs and dream communication from deceased members of my own family, so I knew for sure they were still out there in some form.  But direct communication with other people’s deceased relatives was something I never fathomed I could do.  Today, communicating with deceased people is something I do several times per week.  I want to share some of the interesting ways in which they communicate with me, partly because it’s so fascinating and partly because I want to remove the mystery around it for those wanting to connect for themselves.

Making the Connection

I’ve probably mentioned or alluded to this process in the past, but the way my guides help me communicate with the deceased is as follows.  I open my chakras fully (clearing and cleaning any muck that may be there).  I raise my vibration considerably using a technique of climbing a celestial staircase in space.  I enter my White Room, which is a place I didn’t invent, but which my guides showed to me.  Inside my White Room is a special spirit guide I’ve named Bob whose job it is to help me connect with energies in the ether.  I get comfortable in this room and me and Bob go to work.  He is the go-between, the conduit, for me to communicate with other people’s loved ones.  Loved ones don’t always come through though.  There is another, higher place, I can go to find deceased energies.  I usually take the escalator because it’s faster. 😉  Really I’m just raising my vibration even higher.  I then find myself in a place surrounded by swirling energy.  If my sitter has a specific person they want to reach, I will ask for their first name so I can call out to them directly.  Otherwise, I just ask this swirling energy if there is anyone related to my sitter who would like to come through.

How the Dead Present

When the dead present to me they almost always look the way they did right before they died.  Wounds, condition, and all.  They do this so I can describe what they looked like to my sitter so he or she will recognize them.  One time I saw a guy present without his head.  All I could describe was the body.  My sitter confirmed that the person was decapitated in an auto accident.  It’s almost like a game of charades to figure out what happened to these people.  Some spirits just tell me what happened and I hear it.  Others don’t speak and use hand gestures, but at least I can still see them.  And still others cause me to feel what happened to them.  I remember in one case my nose started to hurt really bad and then I got a sharp pain in my brain.  Turns out a cocaine overdose is what took this person out. 

Once we’ve gone through the “how did I die” game, the spirit will relax into their ethereal self (healthy and whole) and begin telling me things their sitter needs to know.  I will usually get messages for other family members not present.  And sometimes I get messages for friends.  People sometimes ask, “Why did so-and-so come through during MY reading?  I hardly knew him.”  Well, darlin’… sometimes the spirits take any chance they can get to get a message to a loved one.  And yes, sometimes friends and distant relatives will hijack your reading in a desperate attempt to talk to someone else.  I recall during one reading I was getting direct and clear communication from someone with a British accent who described how they died and they wanted to get an important message to their daughter.  My sitter knew who I was talking about but said, “But I never knew this spirit, I only know her daughter.”  Well why do you think she came through during your reading, love?  She wants you to get this message to her daughter and she knew you could do it. 🙂

After Effects

On rare occasions a deceased energy will stay with me after a reading.  It’s very uncommon because I’m careful to close down the connection after each encounter – like hanging up a phone.  But in some cases, a spirit is either very strong and able to stick around a little, or frankly, I enjoy their energy so much that I let them linger a little.  I don’t know if other mediums do that, but I guess it’s a choice. 

In one case, I was doing an in-person reading for a woman visiting Las Vegas.  We connected with her deceased husband, Al.  During the reading it came up that Al likes to use “11:11” as his symbol to let her know he’s around.  This began before he died and has continued on after death.  The next day, Steve, I and the kids went to the Luxor for breakfast.  We had a harder than usual time finding parking, but finally found a spot way out there.  As we got out of the car, I noticed the license plate of the car next to us.  It read “AL 1111”!  I was stunned.  I thought, “this must be my sitter’s car!”  But it wasn’t.  She had driven in her own California plated car and this had a Nevada license plate.  Was it Al giving me a high sign from the ether?  She told me later that it would be just like Al to do something like that. 

In another instance, I connected with the father of a woman I had read for and he was just the most fascinating individual.  So philosophical, so learned, so intriguing.  He was really enjoying his time in the ether and told me he was attending “lectures” and having conversations with other philosophical and fascinating individuals.  I liked his energy so much that I spent about an hour or so after the reading was over just communicating with him.  He was an amazing individual.

Sometimes when people get multiple readings with me I wonder if their deceased relative will come back a second or even third time.  What I’ve found is that often they will come back and continue communicating.  But sometimes they don’t, having said everything they want or needed to say.

The Dead Speak

Your loved ones do not die.  They go on.  They are with you even when you can’t see, hear or feel them.  It takes a great deal of energy to reach back to our density and try to show you that they are still here.  Meet them halfway by raising your vibration.  This is why they often come during dreams when you are vibrating at a higher frequency.  Don’t discount it as fantasy when you have a dream that your deceased loved one is sitting by your bed talking to you and reassuring you that they are okay on the other side.  If there is one thing they want us to know it’s that death is only the beginning of a journey, a shedding of the physical shell, a transformation.  Do not be afraid for them.  Remember them because it connects you both.  Talk to them, because they do hear you.  Send them your love because they do feel it.  The dead do speak.  Are you listening?

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