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Flexing Your Psychic Muscles

During my readings people often ask me about their own psychic experiences.  Many want to know how to increase their psychic abilities, and in some cases just turn them on!  The analogy I’ve been using lately is that psychic abilities are a lot like muscles.  Using this analogy I’d like to explain how you can boost your own psychic abilities.

Everyone is born with psychic ability, just as all humans are born with a musculature inside their bodies.  What you do with those muscles throughout your life is totally up to you.

The Weakling

I am not very physically strong.  I have very little strength in my muscles because I’ve never built them up.  On rare occasions throughout my life I’ve done some weight lifting, but it’s just not my thing and my muscles moan and groan when I try to use them.  If I try to help someone move a couch they may as well be moving it on their own for all the help I can provide them.

Similarly, there are people out there who simply never build up their psychic abilities.  Their abilities lay as dormant as my biceps.  These are people who never follow their intuition and wouldn’t know a premonition from a pizza.  You would probably not want to go to these people for intuitive advice, much like you would never ask me to help you move your couch.  There is nothing wrong with being psychically weak, but don’t confuse weakness with absence.  Even psychic weaklings have enough intuition to get a feeling or two.

The Average Joe

Many people work out with weights as part of a healthy exercise regimen.  They tone and shape their muscles to look nice and provide extra calorie-burning.  But it’s not like they’re body builders.  Just your average Joe pumping a little iron to keep his body in shape.  They can move a couch with you if you need help, but it’s doubtful they’d do it for a living. 

In the same way, there are people out there who have identified and found their psychic muscles and work them out a little.  These people follow their intuition, meditate, and even get premonitions or intuitive flashes of insight which they act on and which improve their lives.  But it’s not their day job.  They use the information they get to serve themselves and occasionally to serve others when the situation warrants it.

The Body Builder

You know those body builders!  The ones who are totally ripped and sculpted.  Their muscles bulge even under a jacket.  These people probably have more strength in their pinky toe than I have in my entire body.  They could move couches with you all day and not break a sweat.  They are full of strength and power.  They spend hours each day at the gym working out their muscles.  They may even be personal trainers themselves, passing on what they know to help others build their muscles.  Or they may work in a very physical way, like being a furniture mover, where their muscles give them a significant advantage.  Or they may just like seeing how far they can push their bodies; perhaps they like to compete in body building competitions.

Like the body builder, there are people out there who actually work at building their psychic muscles daily.  I am one of those people.  Because it is now my profession, you can find me pumping psychic iron every day.  I meditate daily, do many readings during the week, and spend my “off-time” enjoying the bounty of psychic knowledge that comes easily to me  – the way a body builder might appreciate how easy it is to bring heavy groceries into the house or climb stairs easily. 

I now know so much about being psychic that I could easily teach others who are average or weak in this area.  Just like in the world of weight lifting, there is a right way and a wrong way to work out psychically.  You should study and learn with an expert before you go gallavanting into the psychic world willy nilly.  You might pull something if you do it wrong. 😉

Deciding Your Fitness Level

Decide where you want to be in this continuum.  Are you content to go through life with nary an insight?  Do you like getting flashes of intuition occasionally and having interesting psychic experiences once in a while?  Do you want to be psychic for a living or for your own personal development?  Pick your level and start pumping iron.  Flex those psychic muscles.  Build up, tone, get stronger.  Soon you’ll be moving couches with your mind instead of your muscles.  Okay, that’s actually the “Superman” level, but hey, it can happen. 🙂


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