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The Power of Journaling

In my blog entry, The Importance of Written Goals, I explain how important it is to write down your goals.  Writing them down helps you solidify your intention, get clarity, and begin to become a vibrational match for your desires.  Written goals serve as a solid reminder whereas goals just floating around in your head don’t always take root.

A good place to write your goals is in a journal or diary.  I’ve kept a diary for many years.  Sometimes I’d write every day for a week and sometimes a month or two would pass with no entries.  I usually went back to my journal when I was having a problem or when I wanted to do a personal development exercise.

So one day in 2004 Steve told me about The Journal software that he was using.  You just click to open it, input your password, and start typing.  The software keeps track of your entries so you can refer back to them easily.  You can do a keyword search of your entries too, so instead of flipping through pages and pages of a handwritten journal scanning every entry, you can let the software search for you.  That alone made me want to try it. I also loved that there was a password.  No one else in the world can read my journal, not even Steve, which allows me to be extremely honest with myself while I’m writing.  I stopped handwriting my journal and started using the software Journal.  That was three years ago and I’ve got well over a hundred entries.  I much prefer typing to handwriting anyway since I can barely read my own handwriting.

Lately, I’ve been using my Journal to talk to my higher self.  It began in January 2006.  Using an automatic writing technique, I simply typed out questions in my journal, listened for the answer and typed what I heard.  Then I’d type another question and listen for the next answer.  I got really fast at having typewritten conversations with my guides, higher self, angels, and other celestial beings.  It was so valuable having a written record of my conversations to refer back to.  I am so glad I switched to the Journal program.

A couple of months ago I was reading through some old entries from 2004 and found an entry that stunned me!  I hadn’t read this particular entry in years.  It was an entry that was a follow up to a previous entry where I was doing a personal development exercise, trying to determine my purpose.  At the time I was running my magazine, VegFamily, self-publishing my books, and also doing web consulting.  I was in no way, shape, or form in the paranormal profession at all.  But here is what I wrote after doing the purpose exercise:

Thursday, December 9, 2004
Tonight Steve asked me what I’m really passionate about, and one thing that came up was the paranormal world.  Obviously I’ve always been very interested in it.  I can’t seem to stop delving into it.  I know a lot about it already, though I haven’t been that current with it as I’ve been pursuing other things.  But then we were talking about my real mission, the one I wrote about in my last entry.

I guess I’m afraid to start. I don’t know where to begin.  Do I write, do I create a new website, what should I do? 

I’d like to write an article called “Remember where you came from” or something like that.  I wonder if I should plan this out a little bit or just see where it takes me.

I think it’s probably okay to do a little planning.  

You know my real secret passion?  I would love to be a medium, like John Edward.  I want to channel spirits for people so they can hear what their higher self and spirit guides want them to know.  I want to be like a relay between spirits and people.  I can imagine myself doing sessions with people, privately or in groups possibly.  That would fulfill a yearning in my soul that I haven’t dared explore.

I think I’m going to have to revisit this idea a little later…

When I read this entry I was blown away, because today so much of this entry has actually come to pass.  When I wrote it I had no idea I had the capability to actually be a medium.  I had no idea I would start a website whose tagline is “Remember Where You Came From.” 

Often when I do readings for my clients they ask how they can get in touch with their guides and higher self on their own.  I usually recommend guided meditations or journaling.   Guided meditations are rich and deep, but having a typewritten conversation with your guides using a journal is great because you’re recording the event on paper, which you don’t do with a guided meditation.  They both have their advantages, which is why I recommend both.

Consider purchasing a copy of the Journal program that Steve and I use, or find another one that suits you.  It’s a small investment for a very powerful tool you’ll use for years.

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