See a Penny, Pick It Up

Are you trying to attract more wealth into your life?  Are you seeking financial freedom?  Are you on the road to financial independence?  Do you pick up pennies off the ground when you see them?

What do pennies have to do with financial freedom you ask?  Plenty.

Every time I see a penny lying on the ground I take the time to reach down and pick it up and put it right into my pocket or purse.  Do I need a penny?  No.  Is a penny going to make a dent in my financial life?  No.  Why do I bother then?

I pick up every penny I see because every time I do I reaffirm my intention with the universe to continue to bring me more money.  Every time I pick up a penny I am saying to the universe, “I see the money you are sending my way and I am grateful.  Thank you!  And please keep it coming!”  Every time I pick up a penny I am demonstrating that I am a vibrational match for receiving money in any (legal) way the universe wants to bring it to me.

Do you know what happens when you see a penny and leave it on the ground because it’s not worth it to you to pick up?  The universe gets your message.  It hears, “Don’t bother trying to send me money.  If you do I either won’t notice it or won’t bother to pick it up.”

When you walk past free money lying on the ground you are blocking the flow of wealth.  In order to be wealthy you must be open to receiving money.  So when you walk past it as if it’s not worth your time to pick it up you are closing the door on financial abundance.

One day, many years ago, Steve and I were driving in West Los Angeles.  We came to a long stoplight.  Nearby was a homeless person collecting money from the stopped cars.  Steve was in the passenger seat.  He rolled down his window when the homeless guy came near.  Without really looking, Steve reached his hand into the change compartment in our car and dropped everything he picked up into the man’s Styrofoam cup.  The man looked into the cup and frowned.  Apparently, Steve had only picked up pennies; a handful to be sure, but “just” pennies.  The homeless man actually flung the money in his cup at Steve depositing all the coins into Steve’s lap.  Apparently he was offended that Steve only gave him a handful of pennies.  That’s rejection of wealth.  That’s rejection of cash flow.  That’s being a vibrational match for lack.

Which are you?  Are you open to receiving the abundance the universe is trying to bring you?  Or are you inadvertently blocking the flow of wealth?

I know people who are very giving.  They’ll give you the shirt off their back and happily go hungry to feed you.  But when you try to give them something in return they refuse it.  These people are usually struggling financially, and some of them don’t know why.  It’s very important to allow money to flow to you and through you. 

I also know people who hoard their money and suffer from lack.  They don’t understand why they can’t get ahead.  When you grip your money that tightly you don’t allow room for the universe to bring you more of it.  It’s like you’re sitting in your house with the door shut saying, “Don’t take anything from me, I’ve nothing to give, I need all I have. Mine, mine, mine!”

For financial abundance to occur you must be willing to give and receive.  When you give money to others, either through charity or to pay for goods and services, you show that you are not in a state of scarcity.  And when you allow others to pay you for the value you give them, you show that you are open to receiving abundance.  Wealth is being in the flow of giving and receiving.

So when you see a penny lying on the ground, pick it up.  Put it in your pocket.  Thank the universe for the abundance all around you.  Pennies grow into dimes, which grow into dollars, which grow into thousands and even millions of dollars.  If you can’t show the universe you’re willing to pick up pennies, why would it trust you with dollars?  Show the universe you are ready for abundance and watch the money metaphorically rain from the sky. 🙂

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