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Did I choose to be disabled before I incarnated?

Question:  You mention in your blog entry, Picking Our Parents and Life Circumstances, that people choose the circumstances of their life.  I was born deaf.  Did I choose to suffer with this disability?  Does everyone who is born disabled choose it ahead of time?  Was it karma that made me this way?

Answer: I asked my guides for the answer to this one and here is how they’ve explained it to me.  The vast majority of people who incarnate with a disability from birth knew full well that they were going to have that disability, whether it be a birth defect, deafness, blindness, etc.  Part of their life plan included having this disability.  They gave me an analogy to explain it.  If life was like a video game the process of selecting your parents and life circumstances is like creating your character before you even start playing the game.  In a video game you choose your character’s clothing, hair style and color, and many times their attributes such as intelligence, charisma, wisdom and so on.  In the same manner, you could choose a disability like being deaf, blind, or diseased.  Why would someone choose this?  For the experience and lessons you would learn that are unique to someone with such a condition.

Would you be afraid to give your video game character a handicap of some kind?  Probably not, because you know it’s just pixels on a screen; the real you is intact and perfect.  But when you click “play game” your consciousness moves into the game character you created and you are born into the video game land known as Earth.  Once there, you forget that you are really just controlling this character.  You fully integrate with the character you’ve made.  If and when this character dies, you just go back to the ether and you are intact once more, the memory of your thrilling ride on Earth tingling in your consciousness.  Then, when you’re ready, you make a new character and go back into the game.

However, my guides wanted me to express that what I’ve described above is what happens most of the time.  But there are some situations, apparently, where you have selected your parents and life circumstances and you have not planned a physical or mental disability but when you arrive you have one.  What happened?  My guides have explained that this can happen once you are committed to the incarnation, your mom has conceived and then does something through her own free will that causes her unborn child to have an impairment.  Perhaps she started smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or maybe there was a car accident or someone abused and hurt her while pregnant.  In this manner the unborn child is affected through no fault or will of their own.  This situation has to be dealt with even though it was not pre-programmed.  Your higher self and spirit guides will adjust your life plan to compensate for this unforeseen incident.

Karma is not what decides if you will have a disability, at least not in the sense you’re probably thinking.  Being born with a disability is not punishment and you are not being made to suffer.  Most people born with disabilities chose them.  If you’re one of those people ask yourself why you may have chosen to be born with a disability.  In the same way we sometimes need to ask, “Why on Earth did I pick these people to be my parents!?” we sometimes need to ask why we would have chosen to be born with a disability.  Why did our higher self think it was a good idea?  Get the answer to that and it’s like moving up several experience levels all at once.

And remember, although your physical body may have a disability the real you is intact and perfect, and you will know her again one day.  Life is temporary and so is the disability.  You do not carry it with you when you die.

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