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Why do you charge for readings?

Question: It seems that a lot of people wanting intuitive information or clairvoyant information are at a point when they really need direction. We don’t all have this gift and indeed can not ‘grow’ this gift. It is the most sacred gift one can have.

Wouldn’t it be more in line with a life purpose to grant this gift free, and make your money from ads and donations on your site like your husband does?

I’m not saying you don’t deserve to make money from your gift at all. I am saying that your gift is God given and would be lovely to be enjoyed and used by as many people as possible.

Let big business make their money via ads. Help the little people out! 

Answer: I appreciate your question.

In the beginning I had a web consulting business, an online vegan parenting magazine, and I had a couple of books that I self-published.  I was making a decent income from all of these pursuits when I discovered I had the gift of being a psychic medium.

At first, I did readings for free while I maintained my other three businesses.  In short order, however, the demand for my services became too great and I was literally going crazy trying to run three businesses for money while giving away readings for free.

Finally I realized that I could serve more people if I didn’t have to spend so many hours doing web programming, writing for and managing my magazine, and shipping and packing books.  But in order to stop doing these things I had to start charging for the readings.

I started my pricing at $30 for an email reading and $55 for a phone reading and 24 people signed up overnight!  It took me several weeks to get everyone read and by then I had dozens more signed up!  I realized I couldn’t possibly serve everyone who wanted a reading.  Using the principles of supply and demand I began increasing my prices so that the reading requests would drop off a bit and become manageable.  In time I found a price that worked and I was able to stop doing web consulting and I sold my magazine.  For a while there I was booked 3 months in advance and people didn’t want to wait that long for a reading.  Today my lead time is 1-3 weeks.

Yes, my readings cost more than the average psychic and that’s because I have way more demand than the average psychic, thanks to my blog and to Steve.  I’ve also seen a big improvement in my psychic abilities after having done almost a thousand readings.  I’ve even had readings with other psychics in my current price range and I can see I’m very comparable to them in ability.  There are still plenty of fantastic psychics who charge less than me.  I think one of the reasons I am in high demand is because people have gotten to know me through my blog.  There is a level of trust there that I’m not some fly by night psychic who is hiding behind a shroud of mystery.  I am very open about my abilities, my process, and my desire to help people.  Another thing that sets me apart from many other psychics is how much I care about the people I read for.  I often follow up with people who are in crisis, I’ve done free follow up readings with people who came to me suicidal, and I welcome emails from my clients about how problems in their life were resolved.  For me, the connection goes both ways.

After doing readings for a year and a half now, I’ve realized that helping people one at a time is not the best use of my time or abilities.  So I’m working on creating a product that will help people learn how to tune in to their own guides, higher self, and angels.  This product will be more affordable than a reading, but of course you will have to work at the program to get benefits.  For people who don’t want to take the time to learn how to tune in on their own, I will still be available to do it for them.  If I don’t charge for my time I’d have to get a job that was not in alignment with my true north. 

In the beginning I did put Google Ads on my site and you know what?  All the ads that came up were for other psychics! 🙂  So that didn’t really help anyone.  I also had a donation page up and I think I received a $5.00 donation in a 6 month period.  Offering a service has allowed me to earn an income while providing tremendous value to others. 

Thank you for your question.  Many others have asked it.

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