Is there any benefit to praying?

Question:  I know you are not religious so you probably find the idea of praying to God sort of ridiculous.  Is there any benefit at all to praying or is it just a waste of time?  Does anyone even hear me when I pray?

Answer:  Prayer itself is simply a tool.  A way of communicating with your God or higher power.  People pray in a wide variety of ways, but essentially during prayer we are connecting with God or Source.   

While it’s true that I am not religious, I actively engage in prayer every day when I connect with my higher self, spirit guides, angels, and Source during intuitive readings.  One of the first things I ask during my preparatory meditation is to be a clear channel for spirit so that I can communicate messages for the highest good of my client.  And even when I’m not working I often spend time in meditative prayer where I commune with Source or my own higher self to receive wisdom or just discuss life.

Prayer is communion with the universe.  It’s a time to ask it for what you want and tell it what you’re grateful for.  A time to be thankful and a time to receive wisdom.  Prayer does not have to be one-way.  Use your time in communion with your God to hear what He has to say too.

I also feel it’s important to pray properly.  When you ask for help from the universe it’s important not to give your power away; rather you should open yourself to receiving power, energy, clarity, help, advice, wisdom, knowledge, and insight.  Instead of saying, “God, please handle the IRS bill because we cannot afford to pay it,” you want to say, “Please infuse me with the wisdom and creativity to manage all of our financial obligations.”  Instead of saying, “God, please bring me the perfect man to share my life with me,” you want to say, “God, please help me learn to recognize the qualities in a man that will make me happiest.”  And so on.  I don’t believe in giving your power away to a higher source, but rather working in concert with it to reap wisdom and insight.

During prayer you also get in touch with what you want and the areas in which you may be feeling powerless.  So yes, I think there is great benefit to praying.  Use prayer as a tool for connecting with your higher self, God, Source, or just your own inner mind.

Even if the only person hearing your prayer is you, that’s still a good reason to pray.

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