The Medium and the Message

In most of the psychic readings I do, people ask about their life purpose.  Sometimes people specifically want career advice, and sometimes people just want to know why they’re here, perhaps why they’ve had such a tough life, and how they can help humanity best.  After doing literally hundreds of readings on the topic of life purpose, a pattern has revealed itself to me that I want to share.  It’s about the difference between the medium and the message.

Simply stated, your message has to do with why you’re here and what you hope to express, and the medium is the method by which you choose to express it.  Let’s break this down using an example.

During a reading with a particular woman I’ll call Joan, it came up that her message, her reason for being here, had to do with empowering women.  Specifically, her message was to help women see their own personal value, to help them increase their own power, confidence, and self esteem.  This resonated deeply with Joan, but then she asked how she was to go about it.  When I asked her guides, they told me it was totally up to her as to how she was going to express her message.  She could write a book, become a professional speaker, go around to high schools and share her own personal story with young women, create an organization, become a teacher, become a life coach for women, become a therapist, etc.  Joan asked why there were so many options; she really wanted me to tell her exactly what she was supposed to do to accomplish her mission.  But the guides were adamant that it was her choice.  Her guides told her that it was her spiritual mission to help empower women but that she could choose the medium that most resonated with her passion and talents and that earned her the income she needed to live.  After thinking about it a little, Joan realized this gave her what she needed; direction and freedom, the direction to know that empowering women was her message and the freedom to find her own unique way of doing it.  Eventually she chose public speaking and blogging, and she’s well on her way to empowering women all over the world.

Now in some of the readings I do, when people ask for their purpose, they not only find out what their message is, but they are also given an optimal medium for accomplishing it.  Literally they are told exactly what to do.  Some people get an entire business plan downloaded through me.  I remember in one reading, a man I’ll call Wayne received the message that he was going to help teach spirituality to children.  Now there are many ways of accomplishing this, but the guides specifically showed me an image of him opening a school, and they started naming off class titles, location of the school, where he was going to get the money, what to charge people, who he was going to hire, and exactly how and when he was going to expand the school until eventually he could (if he wanted) franchise the place across the country.  We were both really excited by this plan, and he’s well on his way to making this a reality.

So why did Wayne get the business plan, and Joan didn’t?  It took me a long while to figure out why some people get the full business plan, and some people don’t.  It has to do with the growth required to become a vibrational match for the message.  In Joan’s case it was extremely important for her to have the faith and confidence in herself in order to be able to help empower others.  She was still working on some issues herself, though she was very predisposed to helping others.  Making the decision and taking action were very important steps on her journey.  But Wayne was not at all blocked in the area of career.  He had no limiting beliefs about earning income.  He was a total vibrational match for a new career and had no fear associated with changing from being an employee at a software company to opening a school to teach spirituality to children.  Time and again I’ve seen the difference.  People who are not yet a vibrational match for their message have some work to do.  People who are a vibrational match for their message often get the “big help.”  It’s not always the case, but that’s the pattern I’ve seen. 

Guides also want people to know that once they’ve committed to taking action in delivering or expressing their message, they get help achieving it.  But you have to show commitment.  You have to actually take some steps.  It’s like that saying, “Jump and the net appears.”  Now not everyone should just up and quit their job and say, “Okay universe, I’ve jumped.  Catch me!”  On the contrary.  All you have to do to get help from your guides is to figure out what you’re going to do and begin taking real action towards achieving it.  This help can come in the form of chance meetings, overheard conversations about what you most need help with, catalogs in the mail, dreams with specific information you need to solve a problem, or long lost friends suddenly returning to your life who happen to be in the very field you’re trying to get into.  Hmm…

When you figure out what your true message is, and you become a vibrational match for expressing it, doors begin to open.  Opportunities begin to present themselves.  Help arrives.  Money flows.  Circumstances change.  People get on board.  Stars begin to align.  Oprah calls you. 😉

How do you figure out what your message is?  You can ask someone like me during a reading, or you can try the exercise in The Path to Purpose.  Ask yourself what would fulfill you most.  Ask yourself who you really are inside.  What makes you unique?  What do you have to offer the world?  Who would you be without the trappings of the unfulfilling career you may have now?  What are your best qualities?  How do you prefer to contribute to the planet or even just those around you?  Do you remember why you came here?  Who are you at your core?

Your message is not always related to career.  Many times I am reading for people, and their message has more to do with who they are than what they do.  Sometimes people are just here to be a bright shining example of love and compassion.  Sometimes people are here just to learn patience.  Sometimes people are here just to have a spiritual experience.  Sometimes it’s just to raise beautiful, compassionate children.  When this is the message, and my sitter asks about career, they are usually told that they can do anything they want and still express their message.  Just being themselves, whether they are a plumber, waitress, short order cook, CEO, or full time mother, is enough.

Your message is the music inside you, and your medium is the instrument you choose to play or the song you choose to sing.  Express yourself.

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