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Can Dead People Negatively Affect Your Life?

Question:  If someone was jealous or angry in life and now they are dead, can they harm the living or cause them trouble in any way?

Answer:  The short answer is possibly, but it’s not likely.  Let me describe the circumstances under which it’s possible and likely.

In my previous blog entry, Crossing Over, I mention that some spirits don’t cross fully into the light, so to speak.  They don’t fully cross over because sometimes there is unfinished business, their loved ones are keeping them on an emotional tether, the person suicided and can’t face the light, or the person did such terrible things in life that they don’t feel worthy of crossing over because they fear being judged on the other side.

In these cases, the deceased hang around the living.  Often they just want to communicate, sometimes to repent, sometimes to pass on vital information, and sometimes because they are angry.  To the living, these attempts at communication may appear supernatural such as a portrait falling off a wall, a clock stopping at a significant time, finding feathers or coins, smelling perfume or flowers in an unusual place, or something more specific to the deceased person.  In most cases, these communication attempts are harmles and even quite loving.  But there is the rare case of an angry spirit wanting revenge on the living, and in these cases their actions may not be too pleasant.

What can an angry or jealous spirit actually do you wonder?  Well, how about when that portrait of them falls off the wall, you happen to be right underneath it?  That’s gotta hurt.  They can inject negative energy into your space so that when you’re seeing a new love interest all you two do is argue over the most inane things.  I don’t think most deceased spirits can cause a car to jump the curb and kill you while you’re coming out of Starbucks.  Still, an angry spirit can be annoying and even hurtful.

But you have to understand that no spirit, whether they are someone you know or someone you don’t, has any power over you that you do not give them.  There has to be an opening for them to use.  If you’re vibrating at a low frequency like shame, guilt, fear, apathy, depression or anger then you are opening a door for them to squeeze through.  I don’t care how angry or jealous a spirit is, if you are vibrating with love, joy, compassion, gratitude, courage, reason, etc. then they will be unable to affect you. 

If you’re worried about having attracted the attention of an angry deceased spirit intent on casting negative energy at you, close the door on them.  Don’t feel guilty when you’re with your new partner.  Don’t let the idea of them watching you or hovering around you cause you to fear.  Don’t give them that power over you.  Send them on their way with a loving thought, a forgiving thought if necessary, and shower your space with love and laughter.  They hate that. 😉

Don’t spend too much time wondering what the dead are thinking about you.  There are plenty of earthly things to occupy your attention.

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