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Why don’t psychics agree on what happens in the beyond?

Some psychics believe there is a heaven and hell, and that people are good or evil.  Some psychics talk to God and Jesus while others talk to Buddha or Krishna.  Some psychics talk to angels while others talk to Elvis.

Some psychics believe in curses while other psychics believe there is no such thing.  Some psychics think the world is going to end in a certain year, while others think that’s hogwash.

Some psychics channel other entities from the 7th plane of god-knows-where, while others channel just their own intuition.

Some psychics are in touch with the Pleiadians, and some think the Reptiles are secretly taking over the world.

Some psychics rely on crystals to keep them safe, while others use white light.  Some use salt and others use sage.

If psychics really can communicate with the great beyond, why are there such disparities between what they say exists?  Isn’t there just one truth?

To answer that I have to tell you a story…

Once upon a time an alien ship flew into Earth’s orbit.  Not knowing anything about this planet, they decided to send 3 of their people to Earth to check it out.  One was dropped off in the Mojave Desert, one in New York City, and one in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  They were given several days to learn about the planet and then brought back to their ship.

When asked what Earth was like, the first alien said, “Very hot and dry.  I did not see any water anywhere.  No vegetation and just some nomads wandering around on camels.  It’s an inhospitable land to be sure, with hardly any population.”

The second alien, who had visited New York, jumped in and said, “No population?  Heavens, all I saw was people!  Everywhere.  The city was so crowded I could barely move.  Tall buildings, underground transportation systems, loud noises.  And humans definitely run Earth, are totally in charge, and clearly the dominant species.”

The third alien, who spent his time in the Pacific Ocean, said, “Humans?  Didn’t see any at all actually.  Whales, dolphins, coral, beautiful blue water; everywhere the eye could see.  Clearly the aquatic creatures completely rule the planet.  A human couldn’t even survive long in the water.  It was peaceful.  Dark in some places, and beautifully light in others.”

The aliens began arguing about what Earth was really like.  Each insisted his point of view was accurate and that he knew how things on Earth really were.  Such disparity of experience, such different perspectives.  But who was right?

The alien in charge pointed out that they had only visited 3 places on Earth and probably didn’t have the whole story.  Obviously more study was needed.  In his report he was unable to indicate with authority how Earth really was, however they definitely had more information about the planet than they did before.

Each alien had brought back a greater understanding about some part of Earth, but each had to admit that only the tip of the iceberg had been explored.  Still, they were able to document that Earth existed, that it was vast, and that it contained wondrous creatures and interesting lands.

They decided to send more people to investigate it so they could bring back more information and try to form a complete picture of this planet.  Until then, they kept an open mind about what they would find.


And so it is with psychics.  We all have our perspectives because we are all touching upon different aspects of the beyond.

Some psychics explore certain territory, like spirit guides, angels, and higher selves, while others explore God, ascended masters, and yes, even the Pleiadians.

I wouldn’t be so quick to say who is right and who is wrong.  We haven’t mapped enough of the territory to get the whole picture.

So who do you listen to?  How do you know who is right?

My advice is to let your experience guide you and to also be open to the experiences of others.  While you’re firmly planted in “New York City” keep an open mind to what the guy from the “Mojave Desert” is telling you.  Maybe you won’t go there.  Maybe you’re not interested in exploring the desert because you love the city so much.  That’s fine.  But always remember you probably don’t have the whole story so you can’t say with certainty how it really is.

Use other people’s experiences as information to explore, not refute out of hand because you haven’t experienced it personally.

And if you’re the traveling sort, go explore all of it.  You might find a place you like better; a place you find more hospitable.  It doesn’t mean your previous place was wrong either.

Even psychics need to keep exploring and not get stuck thinking their location is superior or more accurate than another’s.

It’s a big universe out there and we’re only dipping our toes into the water.  Sure, we can pass on the information we’re getting, but to assume we are dipping our toes into the ocean when we may only be dipping them into a pond would be short-sighted.

Keep exploring.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – William Shakespeare (from Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5)

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