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How To Raise Your Vibration When You Feel Fear

People often tell me stories of being afraid of going to sleep at night because they either fear, or know, they are going to have a negative experience.  Perhaps it’s an encounter with a negative entity, sleep paralysis, the monster under the bed, or just plain fear of the dark.  Sometimes it’s an irrational fear, and sometimes the fear is justified.  Sometimes there really is something lurking just out of your awareness ready to pounce when you go to sleep, and sometimes you’re just afraid because you watched a scary movie.

Sometimes these fears carry on into the daytime, but most of the time people are more afraid at night when they feel less capable of handling the unknown.  Lately, I’ve had a lot of emails from people who have become debilitated by the fear that something paranormal or supernatural is going to happen to them.  In some cases they’ve been told by psychics that they are cursed (lordy), or they’ve actually had an encounter or two with something negative that they can’t explain.

When you go to sleep in a state of fear you are asking to be visited by something negative.  It’s like your mind just sends out a beacon of light saying, “I’m over here.  Come and get me!”  It’s important to change your state before you go to bed so you can feel more empowered and so you can actually be more empowered to handle whatever’s gonna getcha!  😉

Following are some ways to raise your vibration during the day and evening so you don’t attract something negative when you go to sleep:

Humor: Spend as much time laughing as you can.  Go to a comedy club, watch a funny movie or tv show, hang out with humorous people, read some jokes before you go to sleep.
Gratitude:  Spend each night before you go to bed thinking of what you are grateful for and in what ways you feel blessed.  This raises your vibration very high.
Compassion:  Help someone less fortunate than you or someone that just needs help with something in their life.  Offer to lend a hand to a friend.
Love:  Express love and allow yourself to receive love.  If you’re not in a relationship think about getting an animal companion, or just express love to your family and friends.
Sing and dance:  Even if you do it alone in your living room.  Put on some inspirational music and sing and dance.  Be free, go wild, get into it.  Close the curtains. 😉

Luxury: Do something for yourself that you consider a luxury, and allow yourself to feel feel like you deserve it.  No shame or guilt for doing this thing.  It could be something like a massage or pedicure, or ice cream sundae, or just sitting on a swing in a park.  This helps you strengthen your third chakra (your power chakra), and makes you less of a target.
Joy:  What makes you feel joyous?  Do something totally fun either during the day or before you go to sleep, like working on a hobby or chatting with a friend.     

Water:  Water is really good for removing negative energy.  Take a warm/hot bath, or take a shower before bed. 

Also, you should try to stay away from people who are in a low vibrational state like guilt, shame, depression, anger, or fear.  Their energy can rub off on you.

Before you go to sleep ask the angels to keep watch over you.  Feel their love and light around you.  If you find yourself in any sort of trouble you can call on the angels for help.  If that doesn’t work, tell the demon one of the jokes from your joke book. 😉

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