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In college I joined a sorority and became fast friends with a beautiful Iranian girl named Rochie.  She was extremely friendly, nurturing, caring, and compassionate.  She was also very ambitious, and at the age of just 19 she had started her own retail business while also going to school full time to be a doctor.  She really put all the rest of us to shame with her dedication and abilities.  I was lucky enough to have her assigned to me as my mentor, my Big Sister as the sororities call it.  We shared a beautiful and loving friendship.

On my 22nd birthday I got a phone call from Rochie’s real life sister.  She told me Rochie had been in a scuba diving accident.  I quickly asked what hospital she was in but was told, through sobs, that Rochie was in fact dead.  It was one of the most horrific moments of my entire life.  I got the phone call at 11pm so I went to my mom’s room and told her what happened, then I cried all night.  It was extremely difficult for me to get through Rochie’s passing.  I remember experiencing anger at her leaving me, and intense sorrow as I realized we would not share life’s major events, like marriage and children.  Rochie was someone who truly lived every moment like it was her last. 

Over the years I had many dreams about Rochie, and I just knew she was with me.  Sometimes I would drive to the cemetery and sit in front of her grave, talk to her, and share my life with her.  As the years went on I had less and less communication from her.  But when I reopened myself to my psychic gifts and became a medium who do you think was right there in the mix, guiding me towards developing my talent?  Rochie.

For Christmas one of my relatives got me the book, Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye by Allison DuBois, a medium who helps police solve crimes and whom the TV show, Medium, is based.  In her book she mentions that our deceased loved ones are often right near us when we think about them, and to talk to them like they are right there.  She also said it’s okay to ask for a sign that they heard you.

So last night I had a quiet moment before bedtime and I just sat on my bed and tried to tune in on Rochie.  I thought I felt her presence but wasn’t sure.  I started talking to her and I told her how much I still miss her and how grateful I am to her that she is helping me from the other side.  Then I told her that I would love to receive some kind of sign from her that she was receiving my message and my love.

This morning when I checked my email I saw something that amazed me.  I got an email from a holistic practitioner in town and I almost deleted it before I noticed the name.  The woman’s name was Rochie.  That’s not a very popular name as you can imagine.  I’ve never known anyone else with this name. 

I know the skeptics out there will say this is just a coincidence and that I was looking for a sign.  And I know the believers out there got chills when I mentioned who the email was from.  That’s all that needs to be said really. 

I encourage all of you who are wanting to connect with a deceased loved one to try doing what I did.  Sit in a quiet place where you can be alone.  Think about your loved one, imagine them as clearly as you can in your mind.  Feel their energy, tune in, just let it come.  Then start talking with them.  Imagine they are sitting right there with you.  You don’t even have to hear them, just tell them how much you love them and that you’re thinking of them.  Share a tidbit from your life with them.  And if you feel comfortable, ask them for a sign.  Your sign could be totally different than mine was.  Maybe you catch a whiff of their perfume, or a photo of them is out of place, or you get a phone call from someone who was also thinking about your deceased loved one.  Be open for the sign that will mean something to you.  When it comes you just know it, you feel it in your heart.

I still miss Rochie sometimes, and I wish she could have been a bridesmaid at my wedding, and I wish she could have met my children.  But I know she was there for all of that in her own way.  And she’s with me now, helping me with my work.  She’s still my Big Sister and a very dear friend. 

Our loved ones don’t leave us.

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