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Ask Erin: Quick Answers to Quick Questions

Today I thought it would be fun, and quite productive, if I went back and answered a few dozen of the questions people have submitted through my Ask Erin form that I haven’t had a chance to answer yet.  Sometimes the questions people ask me are too long, sometimes they’re too personal and the answer won’t benefit any of my readers, and sometimes they’re just crazy.  Some of the questions require just a short answer so I didn’t want to take up an entire blog entry with them.  So today I’ve gone through a couple hundred of them and answered the most interesting ones.  As you can see, I’m looking to purge that in box!  If you submitted a question through the Ask Erin form anytime in the last year and a half, chances are good your question is answered below.  And if it wasn’t, it probably never will be.  Those are the breaks, amigos.

Question:  Do you think the world is going to go through a major shift in 2012?
Answer: No more than usual. 

Question: If I love someone unconditionally is that enough to make them love me?
Answer:  No, it takes two to tango.  And you can’t make someone feel anything; it’s their choice.

Question:  How do you deal with all the violence, negativity, and anger in the world today?
Answer:  If I can’t control it or change it, I leave it be for now.  If I can do something about it, I try to change it.  And if I don’t like it but am unwilling to do something about it, then I don’t complain.

Question: What do you think our deceased loved ones most want us to know?
Answer:  That they did not cease to exist when they died, that they love you, are still around you, and to take life seriously enough to grow and learn, but not so seriously that you forget to have fun.

Question: Are you aware that claiming to speak to dead people goes against everything the Bible says is proper and that you are likely going to burn in Hell?
Answer:  Yes, I’m aware.  Are you aware that you’re an idiot? 😉

Question:  I’m one of those people that gives a lot to others and rarely accepts love and help in return.  What can I do to change this?
Answer:  Keep giving.  But in this case, give others a chance to give to you as you appreciate being able to give to them.  Why rob them of the opportunity to help?  How would you feel if you were trying to give love or help to someone who needed it and they didn’t let you?

Question: Is there any way to avoid having nightmares?
Answer:  Not that I’m aware of.  To reduce the incidence of nightmares you can work on lucid dreaming so that you take control of any nightmare that presents itself.  Another thing you can try is being happy as I have found that the happier I am, the less likely I am to have a nightmare.  Work on raising your vibration before bed as that should help as well.

Question:  How do I deal with someone who is trying to sap my energy?
Answer:  Don’t be around them.  Seriously.  If someone was continually slapping you in the face every time you were around them, how long would you stick around?  If they’re your relative or you’re dependent on them economically then come up with a plan to get away from them as soon as possible.  The longer you stay, the more energy they are going to take from you.  It’s your choice; whether you stay or leave, it’s still YOUR choice.

Question:  What is your view on taking drugs to have a consciousness-altering experience?
Answer:  I personally would not want to have an experience that was induced by a consciousness-altering drug.  I really want my experiences to be as natural and organic as possible.  I totally get why people do it though and it will give you a glimpse into something, but nothing is as good as the natural experience.  If you’re only having these experiences while on a substance then you’ll never be sure if they are real.

Question:  I know you believe in reincarnation, but do you have any evidence such as names, dates, and places you supposedly lived?
Answer:  No I don’t.  But if you google around a little you’ll find others who have done extensive research on this topic and do have names, dates, and places.

Question:  Can you tell my deceased mom/dad/brother/sister/dog/cat that I said “hi”?  Can you ask my mom/dad/brother/sister/dog/cat if he/she/it is okay?
Answer:  Tell them yourself.  They can hear you.  And they’re probably in better shape than you right now. 🙂

Question:  Will you astral project to my house and pull me out of my body?
Answer:  That’s not as easy as it sounds, but if you had asked me to do that when I was 16 I’d have been there in a shot.  Your best bet is to practice with your friends.

Question: You’re evil and a devil worshipper!  You act like you are Jesus Christ, but in reality you are the spawn of Satan.
Answer:  Was there a question in there somewhere? 😉

Question:  How can you give unconditional love to someone who is definitely evil?  Don’t you draw the line somewhere?
Answer:  I don’t believe humans are evil, though I do believe they sometimes commit evil acts.  Unconditional love is always mine to give, however I cannot force someone to receive it.  Being unconditionally loving puts me in a vibrational state that I enjoy being in.  All I can say is that I would feel uncomfortable if I stopped being unconditionally loving so I choose to remain in my unconditionally loving state.  Except when someone wakes me up in the middle of a lucid dream.  Then all bets are off and you get the stink eye the rest of the day! 😉

Question:  Sometimes I wake up unable to move or speak and I sense someone on the bed with me.  What is that?
Answer:  Google “night hag” or “sleep paralysis” for your answer.  It’s also a good precursor to a lovely out of body experience.

Question:  I’d love to be a better parent.  Do you have any advice for me?
Answer:  When I figure that out I’ll share it with the world.  But seriously, most people I know think they are worse parents than they really are.  Give yourself some credit.

Question:  Are you a liberal or conservative?  Are you a Democrat or Republican?
Answer:  Honestly, I have no idea if I’m a liberal or conservative since I don’t know what defines those groups.  I’ve been a registered Democrat and a registered Republican, but I always vote for the person who most closely matches my own values.

Question:  If you cryogenically freeze yourself, what happens to your soul?
Answer:  Great question!  I really don’t know the answer and I’m in no hurry to do a 30 day trial on that!  I have a bad feeling that your soul stays suspended in that body until the body ceased to function.  I sure wouldn’t want to hang around like that though!

Question:  There are so many things I want to do in life and I can’t pick just one, so I’m floundering around accomplishing nothing.  How can I pick the thing that is right for me?
Answer:  There are many methods you can use to select a path so I can’t say which one is best, but you’ll know you’re on the right path when you feel good about your direction.  Also, just pick one.  It’s better to pick something you think you’ll like and go for it than to constantly wonder what could have been.  You don’t have to commit in advance to doing the thing forever.

Question:  What’s it really like living with Steve?  What is he like in private?
Answer:  Ah, the million dollar question.  And someday when a publisher offers me a million dollars I might write a book about it. 😉

Question:  Are you really psychic?
Answer:  Yes.

Question:  Do you really talk to dead people?
Answer:  Yes, sometimes, but not all day because that would be like overkill. 😉

Question:  What do your guides tell you is the one true correct religion?
Answer:  Love.

Question:  Do you believe in healers?  Do you believe it’s possible for people to heal with only the touch of their hands?
Answer:  I do believe it’s possible, but I have not experienced it so I cannot say for sure.  When I witness something or experience something like that I’ll let you know.  Until then, my jury is still deliberating.

Question: You mentioned in one of your blog entries that you don’t think time really exists.  Can you explain that?
Answer:  Now where did I put that physics degree?  Oh yes, in a previous life.  I can’t explain it with any authority or arcane knowledge, but a little birdy tells me that time is just an illusion.

Question:  Do you still carry around your astral sword when you astral travel?
Answer:  I haven’t had to whip out the sword in a long time.  It might be a little rusty. 😉

Question:  Do angels ever take human form and interact with us?
Answer:  I’m not sure.  I believe it’s possible, but I don’t personally have any experience to draw from here so I’ll have to defer to Doreen Virtue on that.

Question:  How often should I get a reading with you?  The first one was excellent!
Answer:  Only come back if you’re seriously stuck and have exhausted all the information you got in the first reading.  Remember to practice using your own intuition and see where it gets you.  But I’m here for you if you’d like another reading.

Question:  Do spirits communicate with you in English?  Even the ones from other countries where English was not their native language?
Answer:  Interesting question.  So far, I’ve only read for people who spoke English well enough to get a reading with me.  I never thought to ask anyone if the deceased person coming through spoke a language other than English.  I do know I’ve been able to communicate with animals, so there must be a way to transfer thoughts that defies any language barrier.  Definitely warrants more investigation though!

Question:  Do the guides ever lie to get you to do something they want you to do?
Answer:  Not in my experience, no.

Question: Can any good come from having nightmares?
Answer:  Yes, sometimes nightmares are wake up calls to get you to notice something.  If you learn how to interpret your own dreams you can often get the message without needing a nightmare.

Question: Do you believe in astrology?
Answer:  I made an amateur study of astrology back in the day and it was fun, but I never understood it enough to comment on whether I think it has merit.  I don’t believe in the horoscopes you find in newspapers; I think it’s silly that everyone born in a 30 day period is going to have the same type of experience on the same day.

Question: Can you astral project without seeing the silver cord?
Answer:  Yes, absolutely.  I have only seen my silver cord a few times out of hundreds of projections.  I do believe it’s there though.

Question:  I want to believe in the afterlife but I have no personal experience to draw upon so I am assuming for now that we just fade into black when we die.  Can you comment?
Answer:  I’m a big proponent of personal experience in determining how things are so I understand why you cannot believe there is an afterlife.  But you also have no personal experience with “fading to black” as you call it so why make that your default belief?  Just say, “I don’t know what happens when we die” and leave it at that until you get there.

Question: Is it wrong to cast spells for money or love?
Answer:  Depends on your intention.  A spell is just an intention.  Some people put ritual around it, use candles, incense, crystals, etc.  But when you cast a spell you’re really just telling the universe what you want and getting yourself into vibrational alignment with that goal.  You can ask for love, sure, but you should avoid requesting that a specific person become your lover.  It could be that the universe has something much greater in store for you and you don’t want to block that.

Question:  Have you ever considered that you might just be crazy?
Answer:  You mean because I see dead people or because I married Steve? 😉

Question: What are the spiritual consequences of divorce?
Answer:  Alimony?  But seriously, where there is love, there is Source.  Every person on our planet deserves to be loved.  You don’t have to be a in a relationship to feel that love, but if you are ever in a relationship and there is no love, then I’d say it’s time to move on and open yourself back up to receiving love.  Go where you are loved and can be loving.  Oh yeah, and God doesn’t care if you get divorced, just like He doesn’t care if you get married.  Marriage and divorce are all creations of man, not God.

Question:  Do you believe in God?
Answer:  He believes in me so I probably should, eh?

Question:  What do your parents and extended family think of you being psychic?
Answer:  My family is actually very supportive of the work I do.  You should see my dad going around telling everyone he knows about me.  But then again, my family grew up with me being a little odd, so my life as a psychic medium didn’t come as a big shock to them.  They were way more shocked when I went vegan!

Question:  Can you tell me if my deceased husband is at peace?
Answer:  I would need to do a reading for you, darlin’.  I have encountered deceased people who are not at peace so I’m not going to go around saying that if he is dead he is automatically at peace.  Circumstances like murder or suicide often leave a spirit unsettled.

Question:  Why can’t I remember my past lives?
Answer:  Most people can’t remember what they ate for breakfast last Tuesday.  What chance does a past life have of getting your attention? 😉  But there are methods you can use to tap into your past lives.  I am not an expert on those techniques at the moment so I would want to refer you to someone who is.  Google and read.

Question:  Do I have to be vegan in order to be psychic?
Answer:  Heck no.  There are tons of fabulous psychics out there who smoke, drink, and eat steak.  My psychic abilities increased when I went vegan, and I’m very appreciative that my body is not a graveyard.  It works for me, it might work for you, but you absolutely don’t have to go vegan in order to be a psychic.

Question:  What do you think about prostitution?
Answer:  Nice work if you can get it? 😉  Oh I was going to have a field day with that one, but it seriously is a question someone asked me.  My answer is that a woman has a right to sell her services even if they are sexual.  It’s all about supply and demand right?  There is obviously a market for that sort of thing.  However I would always caution a woman not to engage in prostitution if she has low self esteem or is in an unsafe situation like if she is being threatened by a pimp or whatnot.

Question:  What was our gender before we incarnated?
Answer:  Technically we are gender neutral in the ether.  However once you incarnate I have found that the majority of people’s higher selves present with the same gender as their physical selves.  Not always though, which is fascinating to me.

Question:  What can you tell me about kundalini experiences?
Answer:  I’m not that familiar with kundalini but I hear it’s great.  When you find out, let me know.

Question:  Do people sometimes get reincarnated into the wrong body?  Like ending up with the wrong parents, or ending up as a man when they intended to be a woman?
Answer:  Yes they do.  Call it an ethereal administrative error.  But yeah, I have done readings for people where they are coming at me as a male energy yet they are female in gender and then they tell me they are actually wanting a sex change.  It fascinates me.  I’ve also read for a woman who was adopted only to find out she was supposed to end up with someone else.  The guides and the universe adjust for these kind of errors.  If you want to sue someone you’ll have to take it up with Supreme Court.  No I mean the SUPREME Court!

Question:  Are you ever going to write a book?
Answer:  I’ve actually written 4 books and published 2 of them.  But if you’re asking if I will write a book about the work I do today then I’d say yes, someday.  Definitely.

Question:  How’s that audio program coming along?
Answer:  I’m actively working on it now.  This is a new process for me so I can’t say how long it will take, but once I’ve figured it out for the first program the next few will be faster I’m sure.  Bear with me, stay tuned, and all that.  It’s a’comin!

Question:  You and Steve are brilliant.  I love you guys!
Answer:  Mom, is that you?


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