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When Bad Things Happen to Good Psychics

Aren’t psychics supposed to be able to predict the future?  If psychics can see the future how could their car ever break down in the middle of nowhere, or their kid gets hurt at school, or they get cancer? I mean, don’t your guides, or whoever you talk to, give you a heads up so you can avoid life’s little pitfalls?  If I was psychic I would be winning the lottery every day!

When people ask me why bad and unexpected things happen to me I realize they do not understand how psychic abilities work.  So to everyone who has ever wondered why bad things happen to good psychics, let me explain.

Being psychic is like tuning in to a radio (an analogy you’ve probably heard before).  In order to receive information from the other side you have to own a “radio,” plug it in, turn it on, turn up the volume, and tune it to the right station.  Even then, sometimes the station you’re tuned in to isn’t broadcasting much of interest.  Can you imagine listening to a loud radio all day long?  Or constantly moving the tuning knob to find something interesting?  You’d go insane after a while.  You’d never live your life.  You’d constantly be checking to see if the move you’re about to make is fraught with peril.

This is why professional psychics turn off the radio when they are not working.  When I am doing a reading for someone, I turn up my radio and tune it to the station in which my sitter’s guides are broadcasting.  It takes a minute or so to fully tune in to the “station” but once I’ve got it, we’re good to go for the rest of the reading.  After the reading, I turn it off.

Imagine if a doctor went around looking at people at the mall or grocery store and diagnosing them as he passed by.  “Excuse me sir, I couldn’t help but notice your skin is a little yellow.  Have you been tested for jaundice?”  Or if a mechanic was constantly looking and listening to cars as he drove past them, hearing problems and malfunctions as he went.  “Wow, that guy’s carburetor is about to fail.  He’s probably got 20 minutes before his car dies on him completely.  I’d better tail along behind him to give him a hand when it does.”

When I first started doing readings I had my radio on all the time.  Consequently, as I moved around in life I started picking up tidbits of information about everyone I was passing, like in the mall or grocery store.  I even started doing what I call “drive-by” readings for people, where I would just tell people things without them asking.  In some cases people actually told me to mind my own business even though I thought I was helping them.  I remember once being in a home store and the lady running the register was pregnant.  Immediately I started hearing her deceased grandmother talking to me telling me this woman was going to have a girl and name it after her.  So I said to the check out lady, “You’re having a girl eh?”  And she said, “Yep.”  I almost told her that her grandmother was pleased that she was going to name the child after her, but I bit my tongue really hard.  Because many people think mediums truck with Satan, sometimes people get a little wild-eyed and fearful around me, so I’ve learned to mind my own business and not butt into people’s lives unless I’m asked.

Now when I walk through a mall or grocery store I draw my chakras in close to my body so I won’t pick up on other people’s “stuff,” and they won’t be affected by my vibrations.  On some occasions, like when I’m standing in line at the post office and people start getting a little antsy, I widen my heart chakra and spread some love energy into the room, but for the most part, I keep myself to myself. 🙂

While I am not always tuned in to other people’s stations, I do still have an open conduit to my own guides and higher self.  They know they can jump in with a warning if they need to, and often they have.  But spirit guides are not there to tie your shoes and chew your gum for you.  You’re here to make your own decisions; you have free will.  You can’t run all your decisions past your guides, they won’t play that game.  Yes, sometimes bad things will happen.  Sometimes they’re supposed to.  Sometimes you’re supposed to learn from your failures and falls.  If you were here to sail through life with no problems to solve – and learn from – what would be the point of living?  It would be like entering a video game in God-mode where nothing could hurt your character and you had all the gold you needed.  Where’s the fun in that?

Being able to tune in to spirit guides does have its advantages, which is why I encourage people to develop their psychic abilities to the extent they are comfortable.  Getting a heads up every now and then is wonderful.

As for the lottery thing… again, the guides aren’t here to make you rich.  One time a friend and I decided to bet on a horse race.  I wanted to see if I could pick the winning horse, but I had never bet on a horse race so I had to ask how it all worked. I ended up betting $20 that my horse would win, place or show.  It came in second.  When I went to collect my winnings, I was handed $19.  “Hey!  I gave you a $20, how come I only got $19 back for winning?”  I was informed that the odds on my horse changed after I placed my bet and this was all I got. I was very confused.  Somehow I ended up losing a dollar in the transaction.  I shrugged and never bet on the horses again.

So why do bad things happen to good psychics?  We’re human.  We’re not omnipotent, and we can’t call God on the Bat Phone anytime we want and get him to make it rain money.  It doesn’t mean we’re not psychic.  Just as doctors cannot save every patient, and mechanics cannot repair every car, psychics sometimes step in puddles and ruin their shoes, just like everybody else. 😉

Another way to look at it is as a sixth sense, just like vision and hearing.  How come you trip sometimes even though you can see?  How come you have to ask someone to repeat what they’re saying even though you can hear?  Sometimes the senses fail even when they’re turned on.  It’s the same with psychic ability.

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