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Is there any way to bring a dream back?

Question:  The other night I dreamed that my deceased grandfather came to me and we had an intriguing conversation.  But when I woke up I forgot the details of what he told me, and I’m sure they were important.  Is there any way to get the dream back or to have it repeat so I can find out what he said?

Answer:  It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to get the dream back.  But you may be able to ask him to appear to you again.  Let him know out loud or in your mind that you do not remember his message and ask him to please come back with another one.  It’s possible he will come again, but he may not. 

For a spirit to communicate with someone incarnate they have to alter their energy, their vibration, and it’s not always easy.  The incarnate person also has to be in a state to receive the message.  It’s like both people have to be tuned to the same station on a radio for communication to take place.

Lucid dreaming is extremely helpful here.  I know most people are not experts at lucid dreaming but I wanted to mention it in case you are.  Next time you find yourself lucid in a dream, ask your grandfather to come to you with a message.

You can also try a simple meditation to reach him.  Open your chakras and get them spinning nice and wide.  Then imagine walking into a cottage in the woods and expect your grandfather to be there when you open the door.  Have a conversation with him in your mind and see if what he says resonates with you.

If you never get the message, at least try to remember how the dream made you feel.  Did you feel more peaceful when you woke up?  Did you feel scared or agitated?  Sometimes it’s not the words that are important but the feeling they invoke.  The feeling can give you a clue to the message.

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