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Are drugs a good way to achieve spiritual experiences?

Question:  I like to occasionally take a psychedelic drug to induce a spiritual experience.  While under the influence of various drugs I’ve had the most intense and lucid conversations with entities, beings, and what I think are angels.  My question is, do you think using drugs is a good (and valid) method for having spiritual experiences?  Especially if you feel more enlightened after you have them?

Answer:  In high school I had some friends who used to take LSD, mushrooms, and various other things I didn’t know much about.  One guy told me he had a conversation with Satan while tripping.  Another guy told me he was flying with angels.  And I was also told about a guy who said he was teleported to another location and woke up naked in the forest.  My friends wanted me to try these drugs but I never did.  Oh sure, I was curious about what type of experience I’d have, especially since I was already having so many intriguing and somewhat dangerous occult-like experiences, but my friends warned me that I wouldn’t be able to stop the experience until the drug wore off.  That’s when I realized it was not something I was willing to risk.  I also knew there were probably a dozen negative entities who would have loved to get their hands on me while I was unable to “wake up.”

When you take drugs to have a spiritual experience you are not having the experience, the experience is having you, if you get my meaning.  Being unable to “wake up” or snap out of the experience means you are not in full control of the experience.  You are at the mercy of your mind or of forces beyond your control.  You then risk losing yourself, or of having a negative energy attach itself to you.  Having a spiritual experience while on drugs is like propping open a door and being unable to close it if something is coming that you don’t want to let in.

When you hallucinate an experience how do you know if it is real or not?  How do you know the information you get from the experience is valid?  Do drugs open doorways that you cannot open without being on the drugs?  Maybe.  I don’t have any experiences with psychedelic drugs so I can’t compare experiences when off and on those drugs.

The real question here is, what kind of experiences or insights are you wanting, and can you get them without the drugs?  What happens when you come off your trip?  Are you unable to communicate with spirits and guides and angels unless you’re tripping?  I would highly suggest working on conscious and non-drugged avenues to achieve connection and communication. 

I understand the desire to create a spiritual experience, and it sure seems like drugs accomplish that, but you never really know the source.  And when you don’t know the source you can’t be sure the source has good intentions.  Drug use lowers your vibration, especially when you’re coming off the drug.  And if the drug you’re taking has an addictive quality then you’re really going to lower your vibration.  That just leaves you open to those with nefarious intent.

Don’t give away your power to a drug.  I know it can be tempting.  Try working on having spiritual experiences without the drugs and see what happens.  Most of the time it leads to a natural high that doesn’t end with the experience wears off.

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