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Personal Branding Results

A few days ago I asked my readers to send me three adjectives they thought best described me.  Thank you to everyone who responded.  I wasn’t surprised by the responses, and it’s great to see what was said the most.  Here are my top 27, which includes adjectives that got at least 3 votes.  There were many dozen more that got just 1 or 2 mentions.

Compassionate (20)
Spiritual (20)
Caring (19)
Loving (14)
Intuitive (14)
Psychic (9)
Honest (8)
Insightful (7)
Helpful (7)
Open (7)
Funny (6)
Intelligent (5)
Generous (5)
Sensitive (5)
Kind (4)
Gifted (4)
Conscious (4)
Interesting (4)
Down-to-Earth (4)
Courageous (3)
Light(worker) (3)
Wise (3)
Warm (3)
Friendly (3)
Maternal (3)
Grounded (3)
Deep (3)

Honorable mention goes to “Savior.”  I got excited when I saw that one and ran to Steve’s office and said in my most high and mighty voice, “Ha!  Savior!  Beat that Smart Guy!”  🙂

I think my readers know me pretty well.  If I had to pick three adjectives for myself they would be compassionate, caring, and loving.  I’m all about the heart chakra.  Steve agreed that the top responses were a pretty accurate reflection of who he thinks I am as well.

The personal branding exercise is intriguing because it helps you determine if people are perceiving you the way you want to be perceived.  You might try this exercise yourself with your family, friends, and co-workers.  Often people’s responses are more a reflection of themselves than you; it’s interesting to see what lense people are seeing you through.

I think if I asked my Toastmaster club to describe me with three adjectives they would say dedicated, friendly, and organized.  I’m the VP of Education which involves a lot of scheduling, training, and mentoring.

Just to see what my friends and family would select, I asked them and here is what my family had to say about me:

Mom: Kind, nurturing, peaceful
Dad: Smart, honest, helpful
Sister: Compassionate, insightful, accepting
Steve: Caring, honest, loyal

My friends had this to say:

Vicki: Compassionate, supportive, intelligent
Todd: Open-minded, lightworker, empathetic

All in all, no major surprises, but a very insightful exercise.  What results will you get?  How well do your friends, family, and co-workers know you?  Are people perceiving you the way you perceive yourself?  See if you get any surprising answers.

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