Maintaining Your Power in the Face of Psychic Prediction

Today I want to talk about the importance of maintaining your power when you’re consulting a psychic.  Specifically, how important it is not to give your power away to someone who you believe can predict your future and/or guide your life.

First of all, there are charlatans and frauds out there who want to steal your money. If you are someone who has low self-esteem, low personal power, and lack of confidence it can be dangerous to consult a psychic, especially if you assume a psychic knows more about you than you know about yourself.  If you end up with an ethical psychic, you’re in luck.  But if you end up with one of the frauds you’ll get cheated and robbed.  First, the fraud might entice you in with the promise of a cheap reading, say $5 or $10.  You think, “What the hell?  That’s not that expensive.  How could it hurt?”  If you’re very gullible the fraud will tell you that your family is cursed or that you are cursed or that your aura is very dirty or that you have a demon attached to you following you around and is trying to kill you.  After you’re scared out of your mind, she’ll tell you that for just $200 she can fix all of it.  Remove your curse, banish your demon, cleanse your aura.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!  Placing you in a state of fear is the goal.  If you do not have a strong third chakra (your power chakra) you may become an easy victim for this kind of scam.

Is it possible that a psychic really can banish demons, remove curses, and cleanse auras?  Actually, yes.  A talented and trained professional can help YOU remove your own curse, banish your own demon, and even cleanse your own aura.  But the chances of you actually being cursed or having a demon attachment are infinitesimal. 

A talented and trained psychic can even boost and cleanse your chakras for you, but if you’re not going to maintain them then it’s like washing your car and then going out driving in the mud and rain.  What’s the point?  You must learn to take care of your own energetic body.

Second situation.  Don’t give all your power to the psychic even if he or she is legitimate.  You want to consult a psychic to get information, clarity and confirmation.  A psychic can give you direction and tell you what’s going to happen if you follow it, but you get to decide if you are actually going to take the path she’s laid out for you.  A good psychic will hand you a map, but you’re still in the driver seat and you get to decide if you’re going to follow the advice you receive.

But isn’t the advice coming from your guides who have a much higher perspective?  Shouldn’t you follow their advice?

Maybe you should and maybe you shouldn’t, but you should never follow the advice blindly.  You should never say, “Well she said I have to move to San Francisco so even though I love New York, I guess I’d better start packing!”  If the advice your psychic gives to you just feels wrong, then stick with your own gut.  If the advice your psychic gives you totally resonates with you but you lack the power or courage to take the advice, then that’s a different story. 

Never place your fate into the hands of a psychic.  You are always responsible for your path, your fate, and your life.  A good psychic will give you clarity and confirmation.  She will tell you things you’ve been thinking and haven’t told anyone else, because chances are what you’re thinking is actually you being in communion with your guides.  This happens during my readings a lot.  I’ll tell my sitter something and she’ll say, “Wow, I just wrote that in my journal last night.  I thought that was what I supposed to be looking to do and the fact that you just told me I should do it too is total confirmation for me that I’m on the right track.”  When I can confirm something like that for them, it’s golden, because I don’t know my sitters ahead of time.  I have no information about them before I do a reading, so when I tell them something they’ve been daydreaming or thinking about doing, it’s a positive sign for them.

What if a psychic makes a prediction about a certain job coming up or a romantic partner coming into your life?  Do you just wait for it to happen or do you go out and try to make it happen or what?

To answer this question I want to share an embarrassing and cautionary tale with you.  About 20 years ago I went to a psychic who told me a tall, handsome male was coming into my life very soon.  A few days later, on the weekend, I had an urge to go to the grocery store and buy a romance novel and some junk food and just kick it on the couch with a good book.  As I left the store with my goodies, this bag boy came running out after me, and scared me half to death by banging on my car window.  He said, “Hey, your back tire looks a little flat, you might want to have it fixed.”  Oh, okay.  Then he said, “By the way, I saw you in the store and thought you were really hot.  How would you like to have breakfast with me tomorrow morning?”  My intuition said he wasn’t my type, but I did notice that he was tall and handsome.  This HAD to be the one, right?  Based solely on the psychic’s prediction I agreed to go out with the guy.  Even though I thought he was a little creepy following me out to my car and making up an excuse to talk to me, I was still excited.

The next day he called me and said he didn’t have a car and could I pick him up.  Oh, okay.  I went and picked him up.  He took me to Carl’s Jr.  Oh, okay, not terribly romantic but I can deal.  He ordered food for himself!  Paid for himself!  And told me if I wanted something to order and pay for my own meal.  How lovely.  $1.99 was apparently too much for him.  So I bought my own meal and we sat down.  Our conversation went roughly like this:

Him:  I’m hot right?  You think I’m hot?
Me:  Uh, yeah, you’re really good looking.
Him:  Yeah I know.  I’m a male model.
Me:  I thought you were a bag boy.
Him:  Oh, well yeah, but I’m going to be a model.  You know, someday.
Me:  I see.
Him:  Hey, if you want, you can be my girlfriend for a while.  You’ll look good standing next to me at parties.  And if you’re still my girlfriend 3 months from now I might take you to Hawaii with me.  I bet you can’t wait to see me in my speedo.

At this point it was all I could do to choke down my food so I could get out of there fast.  All he did was talk about how good looking he was and how lucky I was to be sitting next to his good-looking-ness.

Finally our meal was done and I was anxious to take him home and never talk to him again.  But he said, “Hey, you know what?  I’m a really romantic guy, and you seem really cool.  I’d love to buy you some flowers.”  Hmm, a small step in the right direction.  “Except I don’t have any money on me so could you like buy the flowers but like I’ll pick them out for you?”  Lordy, get me away from this guy. 

I dropped him off at his house and my engine started to overheat.  Steam or smoke or whatever it was started billowing out from under my hood.  He asked me if I wanted to come in and call AAA.  I decided I’d rather be stranded on the side of the road then spend even one more second with this guy.  I drove away and made it home safely.

So what happened?  Wasn’t he my prince charming?  Didn’t the psychic say he would come into my life?  Why would my guides send me a narcissist?  He wasn’t, she didn’t, and they wouldn’t!  He wasn’t my prince charming, someone else was.  The psychic told me a tall handsome guy would come into my life, she didn’t say to be on the lookout for a bag boy from Vons.  And the guides didn’t send me the narcissist, I found him all on my own.  I wanted to believe this guy was coming into my life so badly that I latched on to the first guy that fit the bill, ignoring my intuition about him being creepy because I wanted a new guy in my life.  It was like cramming a square peg into a round hole.  Opening the door to an opportunity is one thing, but you still don’t want to let all the bugs in.  😉

You have to be careful out there.  Go to a psychic that is reputable, get references from people who’ve had readings.  Trust your own intuition.  A good psychic can save you years of being on the wrong path.  A good psychic can direct your energy in a more positive direction for you.  A good psychic can tell you what’s coming up in your future, but you always have to run the situation past your own intuitive filters.  The psychic I went to that day may have been right about a tall, handsome guy coming to me.  It wasn’t the bag boy though!

And lastly, if you feel like you can’t make a move without consulting a psychic then you’re headed for trouble.  You must have the confidence and authority to make your own decisions.  Getting clarity and confirmation from a psychic is not the same thing as giving away your power.  Having options laid out for you and getting more pieces to the puzzle helps you make a better decision because you can see the bigger picture.  Most of the people who come to me for a reading really understand this, and they utilize my abilties exactly the way I want them to.  Guidance, clarity, confirmation, and information.  That’s what I offer.  If someone needs to come to me only a week later then I didn’t do my job properly.

If you ever find yourself in a psychic reading and the psychic is telling you that you need to come back to her every week for 2 months, she’s just trying to milk you for more money.  She is not trustworthy.  When people ask me how often they should come back I tell them to only come back if they are really stuck and can’t figure something out on their own, or if something in their situation has changed unexpectedly and they want to see how it fits into the bigger picture.  Otherwise, you should be able to handle your decisions on your own. 

Maintain your personal power.  Don’t hand it to a seer.  Listen and use your intuition.  You’ll know if something a psychic says really resonates with you.  You’re always in the driver’s seat. It’s okay to stop and ask for directions when the area you’re driving in is new to you, but it’s not okay to close your eyes and drive off a cliff just because the map says there’s a road there.  The power is yours, the responsibility is yours, no matter how much you try to give it away.  

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