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Does sleep paralysis lead to astral projection?

Does Sleep Paralysis Lead to Astral Projection

Question:  You’ve mentioned before that during sleep paralysis is a good time to astral project.  Can you explain how to do that?

Answer:  Sleep paralysis happens when you wake up from sleeping and are fully conscious but you cannot move your body.  As you know, during sleep, while you are dreaming, your body is paralyzed so that you don’t inadvertently act out your dreams.  Apparently during a sleep paralysis episode, that “sleep chemical” doesn’t wear off right away, leaving you in a state where you are aware but cannot move.

During this period you may experience frightening hallucinations.  Auditory or visual disturbances are common.  Sometimes you may feel a presence or someone sitting on your bed.  Because you can’t move it can be very frightening.  Sleep paralysis will wear off in a few minutes, but when you believe you’re under attack by a demon or alien even a few minutes is a long time. 😉

However, sleep paralysis is the perfect time to try astral projection.  While your body is anchored and unmoving it’s relatively easy to separate your astral body from the physical body.  In fact, it’s an ideal situation.  During astral projection you want your spirit or soul to get up out of bed while your physical body stays put.  This isn’t easy.  But sleep paralysis affords you the perfect opportunity.

So how do you do it?  First, you’re going to need to raise your vibration in order to retract those docking clamps that keep your astral ship attached to your body.  To do this, ask your spirit guides to help you, ask the angels to help you, or just practice by lifting your arm.  You should see (through dual consciousness which is being able to see with your physical eyes closed) your arm lifting out of your body and you should see your arm still lying on your covers.  That’s your astral arm you’re seeing up in the air there.  If you can achieve separation of your arm, it’s just a matter of stretching upward until the rest of your body follows.

You want your consciousness to move into your astral vehicle instead of staying with your body.  This can take some practice as shifting your consciousness out of your body is not a natural state for you and will feel odd or even uncomfortable.  Meanwhile, if you’re seeing and hearing scary demons around you, you’re going to be loathe to separate.  Tell the “hallucinations” that they don’t exist and try to ignore them.  They probably won’t believe you, but be firm.  Ask your guides to clear the room for you.

Most people attribute the hallucinations to manifestations of their dreams, but I find it highly coincidental that when people get sleep paralysis everyone seems to be dreaming about people on their bed or demons in the room.  How come we never get sleep paralysis when we’re dreaming about having sex with Brad Pitt?  And how come we don’t wake up and see him on our bed?

A good way to bring on some sleep paralysis is to take a nap, induce a lucid dream, and also to sleep on your back.  If you wake up paralyzed use that time to experiment.  If you feel yourself getting tingly or you feel like all the cells in your body are vibrating, you’re on the right track.  You may even hear an auditory tone that increases in pitch.  These are all signs that you are raising your vibration/frequency and can separate from your physical body.

Some people have a difficult time stretching out of their body because the pull to stay in is very strong.  In that case, imagine yourself standing on your roof and see if you can transport your consciousness into that version of yourself.  I have done this successfully to cause astral separation.  Once you’re free your body won’t pull you back so hard.

Remember to ask your guides for help if you get scared.  And if you see an alien ship outside of your window, you may want to fly the other way. 😉

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