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The Gardenias

This is an interesting and sweet tale of a grandmother reaching out to her granddaughter.  I received permission from the granddaughter to share this story.

About six weeks ago I did a reading for a woman I’ll call Joanna whom I’ve read for probably 6 or 7 times in the last couple of years.  We had a lovely reading and life went on.

Three or four weeks later I got a strong urge that Joanna needed another reading.  Thinking it was extremely presumptuous of me to tell her that, I ignored my feeling.  I just didn’t feel comfortable telling someone they needed to book another reading so close to their last one.  But the guides had other plans.  Joanna emailed me and told me she was feeling a strong urge to have another reading, knew it was too soon, but couldn’t ignore her feeling.  She didn’t even have a question, just a strong intuitive urge.  Since I had the same urge, I booked a reading for her immediately.

The day of her reading, something strange and unusual happened.  After lunch I was feeling extremely tired and wanted desperately to lie down for an hour and take a nap.  This is always dangerous for me because I don’t want to wake up groggy before I have to do readings.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to lay down.  I set a timer so I would wake up in time to do my 3 scheduled afternoon readings.

I was having a lovely dream, nearly lucid but not quite.  As I woke, as the dream was fading, I saw a bush of gardenias and smelled the most intense fragrance you could have in a dream.  As I took note of the gardenias I heard a voice tell me not to confuse the gardenias with roses.  I don’t know much about flowers.  If you had shown me a photo of gardenias I wouldn’t know what they were or how they smelled, but in this dream I was sure they were gardenias and the scent was just incredible.  I woke up very gently just a couple of minutes before my timer went off.  The last thing I heard was a voice that said, “Don’t forget the gardenias.”  I had a feeling the gardenias were related to one of the three readings I was about to conduct.

I got up, had some juice to recharge myself, and got ready for my readings.  Truth be told, I forgot about the gardenias as I got back into the swing of my day.   I did two readings and prepared for my third and last of the day.  Since Joanna was a semi-regular client, I began tuning in on her energy even before I phoned her, to get things rolling.

When we connected we both commented about not understanding what the reading was going to be about since we had recently covered career and other life stuff, but we both just knew she needed some information.  As I tuned in closer I got the strong knocking sensation I get when a deceased relative is coming through.  I had been in contact with Joanna’s deceased mother in previous readings, but this energy was saying she was Joanna’s grandmother.  I said, “Joanna, has your deceased grandmother ever come through in one of our readings before?”  She replied, “No, because my grandmother died just a few months ago.”  Ah, now it all made sense.  I realized it was her grandmother that was sending us the urge to connect.

I tuned in more fully and her grandmother started going on about personal things related to Joanna’s life.  It was like she was taking the time to wrap up some loose ends between the two of them, like having a final debriefing.  Just as we were nearing the end of the session her grandmother said, “Don’t forget the gardenias!”  The dream came back to me.  Could it be related?  I asked Joanna if gardenias meant anything to her in relation to her grandmother.  She replied, “Wow, Erin, you’re getting really good.  Yes, I associate my grandmother heavily to gardenias.  She had two gardenia bushes outside her house and every time I walked up to her door I would smell the fragrant flowers.  I absolutely understand the gardenia reference.  That’s how I know my grandmother.”

I told Joanna that her grandmother must have come to me while I was napping and showed me the gardenias and sent me the scent.  Sometimes the deceased will do that with me, coming early to a reading to get in some tidbits ahead of time.

The other oddity here was how insistent my dream guide was when she said, “Don’t confuse these with roses.  There are roses and then there are gardenias.”  I mean, gardenias don’t look much like roses.  I know I can’t identify any flower except a carnation and a rose, but there was an insistence not to confuse the two.  I mentioned this to Joanna and she casually mentioned that her grandmother’s last name was Rose.

The last thing Joanna’s grandmother showed me was an image of herself blowing out candles on a huge birthday cake, surrounded by family, and a golden light.  I knew she was telling me she celebrated her birthday on the other side, so I asked Joanna if her grandma had died right before her birthday.  In fact, she had died just 10 days before her birthday.  I reassured Joanna that her grandmother had a wonderful party with deceased relatives on the other side.  All in all it was a beautiful communion.  And I know Joanna got some good closure regarding her grandmother.

Today as I write this, I can still vividly recall the smell of those gardenias.  I can still see them in my mind’s eye the way Joanna’s grandmother showed them to me.  And I know Joanna has a lovely angel looking out for her from Heaven.

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