Are Women More Psychic Than Men?

Question:  Are women more psychic than men, and if so why?

Answer:  No, women are not more psychic than men.  The playing field is level between genders when it comes to psychic abilities.  However, it is probably more socially acceptable for a woman to demonstrate her intuitive abilities in society than it is for a man.  Men are often taught to think with their left brains, to be more logical and analytical, whereas women are taught to use feelings, emotions, and intuition.

If you’re a man you may be able to get away with a gut feeling.  “George, I just have a gut feeling that this merger isn’t in the best interest of our company.”  As opposed to, “George, I just get this intuitive feeling that working with XYZ company is the wrong thing to do.  It doesn’t feel right at this time.”  Some men are comfortable displaying their intuition and some are not.  It’s unfortunate that in society men are often taught to suppress their emotions or their feelings and to think instead of feel.  That can be a barrier to psychic development.  For the man who is willing to open himself up to spirit there are great rewards.

Developing psychic abilities is a choice.  Everyone starts out with psychic muscles, just like babies are born with a muscle structure, but not everyone chooses to develop their psychic abilities to a high degree.  Women are probably more likely to develop their intuition because it’s socially acceptable for them to have “feelings” about people, events, and circumstances.  But men are perfectly capable, and often quite skilled, at doing psychic work.  Some of the best psychics out there are men including Gordon Smith, John Edwards, John Holland, and James Van Praagh. 

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