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People often ask me if it’s possible to share a dream with someone else.  I have had several experiences where I had the same dream as someone else, but when I really thought about it I realized that all of them had a supernatural or paranormal element to them.  So I started to wonder if we were having the same dream or if we were just having the same astral-oriented experience, outside of the dream plane.  My jury was out in regards to dream sharing.  However, recently I did have an experience that included a shared dream that also included some precognitive elements.  This is what happened…

I received permission from my friend to share this story however I have changed the names to protect their privacy.  All details except the names are true.

In the dream there were four scenes.  In the first scene I was hanging out with my friend Anna and her family.  They were preparing to have a family portrait taken.  Her son and his wife and kids had flown in from out of town so finally everyone was together.  While we all waited, Anna’s daughter, Samantha, decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to take part in the family photo and walked off in a huff.  Anna was really upset as it had taken a lot of effort to set this up and her daughter was basically ruining it for everyone.  As she ran off to convince her daughter to pose in the photo I made a comment to Anna’s son, “Does this happen often?” to which he replied, “Only when Samantha’s involved.” 

Now the second sequence in the dream:  While waiting for Anna and her family to resolve their family issues, I went to visit my mom who was throwing a party.  At the party she was spending so much time talking to all her friends that she actually missed out on eating.  She was hungry so she kept asking the wait staff if they could please bring her meal back out.

Third sequence:  Now I’m back with Anna’s family and I see her son sitting with a friend who I knew was 22 years old.  The friend hit on me and I said, “You know I’m 47 right?”  Then I realized I wasn’t actually 47 so I said, “No wait, actually I’m 38 (my true age).”  He replied in a slightly lecherous tone, “Doesn’t bother me one bit!  I like older women and you’ve got quite a rack.”  I was insulted and flattered at the same time. 😉  Anna’s son is actually in his mid-20’s but in the dream I knew he was still in the Air Force academy and that he and his friend were 22.

Fourth sequence:  I decide it’s time for me to go and Anna’s husband Richard says he’ll walk me to my car.  While we were walking the scene changed a little and I now I’m in the desert with Richard and some military types.  I’m in a secret underground military base in the desert and I’m seeing things I’m sure I’m not supposed to see.  Civilians in makeshift prisons, small spindly humanoid creatures running around, and some bug-like creatures that were pretty scary looking.  Richard comes up to me and says, “Look, you really weren’t supposed to see any of this, you don’t have the clearance.  They’re going to detain and debrief you for 24 hours and then they’re going to make you sign this non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.  If you refuse to sign it, they’ll keep you here until you do so you might as well sign it and get on with your life.  They’ll give you lie detector tests periodically to make sure you haven’t said anything to anyone about what you’ve seen here.  If you do, you’ll be charged with treason.  Trust me, they’re serious so I suggest you just sign it.”

I woke up.  The whole dream left me feeling really odd.  I felt like I was witnessing things that were really not my business.

So that morning I’m driving the kids to school and my daughter is on the phone with Grammy, my mom.  I can hear Grammy say, “Oh Emily, I had the strangest dream last night.  I dreamed I was at this party and I spent so much time talking to my friends that I missed the meal service.  I spent the rest of the dream trying to find some food.”  WHAT!?  I grabbed the phone and got the story directly.  She dreamed what I saw her doing… trying to find food at the party and missing out because she was talking too much.  That was too weird.  That’s a shared dream. 

So I call my friend Anna to discuss the other pieces of the dream.  To my great shock she told me that the first sequence with the photography fiasco actually happened a couple of days prior.  Indeed, her daughter refused to be in the photo at the last minute offering a somewhat lame excuse for why she couldn’t be in the photo.  I was so surprised that this actually happened.  I guess that’s not pre-cognitive, it was post-cognitive.  I picked up on something that had already happened.

So I told Anna the next sequence about her son and his friend in the Air Force academy.  She thought back and remembered that her son did indeed have a friend at that time who was, for lack of a better word, always hitting on older women.  It’s a small thing and we can’t totally verify that I saw the same guy she’s thinking of.  If only I had gotten the guy’s name, that would have been something.  But both Anna and her son knew exactly who I was talking about when I talked to both of them.

The fourth sequence with the underground military base we can’t totally verify, but Anna confirms that her husband, Richard, was heavily involved in top secret military missions in the Nevada desert, and that he was always debriefed, had to sign non-disclosure agreements and take lie detector tests because of it. 

I’ve had dreams of this nature related to this family before.  Once I dreamed that they had a leak in their ceiling and water was dripping all over Anna’s bed.  She told me that that had indeed happened many years ago, long before I ever met her.  I think there is a strong psychic connection between me and Anna and members of her family.

What really surprised me was having the same dream about my mom that she had about herself.  Wondering if this was happening more often than I thought, Steve and I have started sharing tidbits from our dreams each morning to see if we’re having any of the same dreams.  This morning we both reported having a dream about our old martial arts instructor whom neither of us have had contact with for probably 8 or 9 years.  That was odd.

So what does it all mean?  Is dream sharing possible?  I think it definitely is.  Is one person picking up on the dream of another?  Or are both having the same dream on their own?  I’ll bet both are possible.  I think that the fact that I am so aware of my dreams and also so intuitive offers me the opportunity to dream-share more often.  I am intending to continue exploring this more proactively.

If you ever have a dream about me, please email it to me the next day if you can.  I want to see if I can correlate your dream with anything I dreamed the night before.

In any case, the whole subject is fascinating.  If we can share dreams I wonder if we can have lucid communication in a dream that is actually received and remembered by both parties.  I enjoy exploring possibilities such as this.

Does anyone else have a shared dream experience they’d like to relate?  Please post in the forums or contact me privately.

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