Psychic Reading and Consultation Combos Now Available

Recently people have been signing up for a combination of a psychic reading and a consultation, so I decided to formalize it and make it an option.  When you sign up for this option you will first get the 30 minute psychic reading and then you’ll get the 30 minute consultation.  During the consultation you’ll be talking to me, not your spirit guides.  People discuss any and all of the following with me during their consultations:

  1. Marriage and family problems
  2. Career advice
  3. Advice on becoming a professional psychic or medium
  4. Lucid dreaming
  5. Astral projection and out of body experiences
  6. How to run a business
  7. Feedback on their website, product, or business plan
  8. Personal meditations designed to fix specific problems
  9. Chakra meditations (I’ll take you through a guided meditation specific to your situation or needs)
  10. Discussion and explanation of paranormal experiences
  11. Q&A on anything you’d like

If you’re interested in this combination option you can select it from my order page.  Instructions will be emailed to you instantly and we’ll set up your appointment.  Thank you to everyone who mentioned they wanted this option.  I think it’s a great idea.

If you want just a consultation and no psychic reading, you can opt for that as well on the same order page.

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