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Can psychics read people without permission?

Question:  Can a psychic tune in to my spirit guides and get information about me that I don’t want them to know?  Can they read me without my permission?  And can a psychic read my mind if I’m sitting with him or her?  If so, is there a way to deny access to the psychic?

Answer:  Yes, a good psychic has the ability to tune in on someone anytime, anywhere, for any reason, just as a psychologist can probably spot and identify psychopathic behavior or someone who is really depressed.  However, an ethical psychic, or one who serves the light, would not do such a thing without your express permission.  An unethical psychic, or one who serves the dark, would not seek permission, instead violating your privacy to serve their own needs or whims.

When I was first discovering my abilities I have to admit that I started reading everyone I came in contact with.  I wouldn’t always tell them what I was picking up, but it was like having an open line to the ether around me all the time.  Sometimes I couldn’t help it because people would broadcast the urgent things on their minds, and since my receiver was open it would just hit me.  It was during the Criss Angel shoot that I realized that not everyone wanted me butting into their business, and I started to realize that with great power comes great responsibility.  During the long drive out to the Amargosa hotel I remember picking up all kinds of information from one of the crew members.  Silly me, I just started talking about the fight he was having with his girlfriend and he looked at me like I was eavesdropping on a private conversation.  I saw him squirming and realized that maybe he didn’t want to discuss it in a car full of people.  I piped down. 

There was another time where I was doing readings in a room full of people and a deceased person came through wanting desperately to apologize to someone in the room for being an abusive person.  When I told her I had her deceased husband coming through she got up and walked out and told me in no uncertain terms that she didn’t want to hear anything he had to say to her.  I learned in short order not to tune in to someone without their permission.  Life was much better after that.

Empathy, however, is something I can’t turn off.  I can tell when someone is upset, bored, angry, etc.  That’s my normal human talent.  But I don’t tune in and get guidance from their spirit guides unless I’m doing a reading for them or they ask me to (as in the case of friends or family).  I’ve also learned that I don’t want to know everyone’s “stuff” because I’ve got my own issues to work out without taking on the problems of others.

Now about the mind reading… I want to put this in bold.  Psychics are not mind readers!  I don’t know what you had for lunch.  I don’t know that you’re thinking about cheating on your wife.  I don’t know what number between 1 and 10 you are thinking of.  It just doesn’t work that way.  If it did, I’d have a great Vegas act.  Or I could really clean up at poker!  However, a psychic can read whether you are feeling depressed, or guilty, or whether you’re bluffing at poker.  I may not know what cards you’re holding, but I can get a sense of how confident you are about your hand.  So if you’re sitting next to me someday at a party you don’t have to worry.  If you’re sitting next to a psychic darkworker, then I’d move seats.

Is there a way to protect yourself from being read?  Yes, there is.  First, you can tell your spirit guides and everyone else in your spirit posse not to talk to strangers without your permission.  Secondly, you can shield your energy from others using psychic self defense techniques.  Literally imagine a wall or shield between you and the psychic.  Push out with your thoughts or energy and say, “Keep your probe to yourself!”  When I read for people who are skeptics I often get static because there’s a part of their energy that is saying, “Don’t look at me.  You can’t see me.  I’m blocking you” in order to validate their belief about psychics.  I’ve also had experiences where I can’t read someone’s emotions, energy, or anything because they themselves are very dissociated from their own emotions and minds.  It’s like Troi trying to read Data.  I get nothing.

So don’t worry too much.  Most psychics don’t want to pick up on everyone’s deep dark secrets all day.  It’s tiring and not nearly as exciting as it might sound.  Now who’s up for a game of poker with me? 🙂

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